TOROCast – Episode 214 – That’s So Revan


This week, Mae, SWTOR Miner, Apostrophe and Road discuss the “teaser” trailer for 3.0, the possible exposing of the initials of the next expansion, and dip into the upcoming Conquest Event. It can also be said that Road suffers from a ...

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TOROCast – Episode 212 – Rakata Primed


Another week of Conquest has come and gone, but not without its own issues, but how will these translate into the following Conquest event? Listen in as Mae and Road are once again joined by SWTOR Miner himself to discuss ...

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TOROCast – Episode 211 – TOROHax or Hoax?


On this week’s show, Mae and Road take some time to talk about some marvelous malarkey, Road’s sit in with Voice Actress (among a million other things) Georgia Van Cuylenburg, and quite literally whatever happens to cross their minds. Road ...

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UPDATE: Patch 2.9c – Aug 29th, 2014

So…. In reference to my earlier post: Conquest #2: Clash in Hyperspacebar? The wonderful “TaitWatson” (oh glorious TaiterTot) had this to say: Hey all, I brought this to the attention of the team, and discovered that this is a bug – ...

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Conquest #2: Clash in Hyperspacebar?

Let’s start this off with a positive note: Last week’s patch, and the addition of Strongholds, Guild Ships and Planet Conquests generated a very enjoyable week of gameplay (at least for me). I watched my guildmates get excited about spending ...

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