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Friday Update: Trooper Progression Video

Another Friday comes around and other Class Progression video emerges. But which one? I’ll give you a clue, they hold big guns and cause lots of explosions. Good times to be had.

Everyone loves Class Progression videos. I do, you do, this guy, that guy everyone loves them. But when the video encludes kick ass armour, giant guns and more explosions than a bond film, you know you’re watching something special.

To view the video please head HERE.

I’m not going to spoil the video for you but there are a number of small things notable. Heres what jumped out at me.

  • Kick ass armour

I know I’ve already said it, but to me nothing comes close to beating the Trooper armour. Maybe I just like uniforms but the armour is fantastic.

  • Carbonite Grenade

It appears whatever the Bounty Hunter can do, the Trooper can do it better. Maybe not as enjoyable as spraying your target but just as effective at crowd control.

  • Commando using Heal/Revive

You see the Commando either healing or reviving a fallen comrade. Then proceeding to annihilate a Imperial Agent.

  • Massive Aoe damage

If the Trooper is good at one thing, its dishing out the pain. From what I can tell the Trooper will be an expert in aoe damage, unleashing pain and destruction on anyone left in his/her firing arch.

  • Vanguard using electricial ammo

Could possibly indicate multiple ammo types for the Trooper.

  • Stealth Detection

And the Trooper said onto the stealth classes, come forth into the light. So I may obliterate your worthless little body of the face of this planet.

  • Melee/knife ability and no minimum range

It does seem like the Trooper can hold his own in melee. In the video we see him using the generic knife (that every non wielding lightsaber class seems to own) to knockdown the Inquisitor. Then unloading an entire clip into the helpless victim. This could of been done for cinematic effect but it looks like you Trooper can fire his weapon to great effect in melee range.

  • The gentle pat

Well done Vera.

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A fun and entertaing update that I’m sure we will all enjoy.

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Thank you all for reading.

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