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Deceived Giveaway

Yes we have one copy of the novel Deceived to give away! Check out how you too can be “Deceived” by checking out the details in the story.

So as I mentioned on the podcast 104 I am giving away one copy of the Deceived novel by Paul S. Kemp.

This is probably one of my favorite Star Wars novels written in a long time, probably because it is so self contained; you don’t need to have read anything prior to this book to feel for the characters or to understand what is going on. You also get a really deep connection to all the characters, even the titled Darth Malgus.


So how do you win this copy of the book? Well it is quite simple.

There are two ways to enter and I suggest entering both ways as it doubles your chance of winning. You can post this on your Twitter exactly as follows: I have yet to be Deceived! Retweet for your chance to win a copy of the book! @TOROcast @Joshuajamesbh http://bit.ly/j2gkZ0 #swtor

You can also post on our Facebook page. Post on our page which side you’re going to play on frist (Republic or Empire) and which trailer you liked better (Deceived or Hope). Also with it post the bit.ly link back here! So your post will look like this: I’m going to play ______ and _____ was my favorite trailer! http://bit.ly/j2gkZ0

This contest is only open to US residents right now due to shipping costs, but fret not brothers from a foreign mother, we will have plenty of contests to include you!

You have until the Saturday night of June 4th, 2011 to do this, the winner will be announced during the podcast on the 5th.

Good luck!

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