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EA Starting To Remove Games From Steam

Has EA thrown down the challenge to download manager juggernaut Steam?

It seems that publisher EA has silently been removing its games off of the download manager Steam as it prepares to make its library of newer games exclusive to its brand new service Origin.

Crysis 2 and Alice: Madness Returns are a few that have disappeared off of Steam, yet they still remain on Amazon’s digital download service at the time of this writing.

It comes as no surprise that EA is moving to their own download service, which is still in Beta, after the anouncement that Star Wars: The Old Republic would be exclusive for digital download to Origin.

This also comes as odd timing because Steam’s deal of the week is Darkspore.

The implications of this move, combined with a history of EA’s blunders of DRM (See Spore), makes gamers wonder just what this might mean for the future of EA’s library of games. Will it provide good competition for the digital download market or will it just show EA’s tight grip of their games and poor DRM choices.

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