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Penny Arcade's Gabe plays SWTOR

Gabe (Mike Krahulik) over at Penny Arcade has been playing SWTOR for over a month as part of BioWare’s testing program, and has been allowed to tell us what he thinks of his experience so far.

Overall, it’s very positive. Describing himself as someone who generally clicks through quest text (something many of us can relate to), he found himself getting immersed in the story. He attributes this to the interactive dialog, and the genuinely morally challenging choices that have to be made.

He certainly found SWTOR to be “Star Warsy” enough, though he wonders why the setting is pretty much identical to how it will be 3000 years later in the era in which the movies are set. As he puts it, “The result is that it’s easy to forget that all this is taking place thousands of years before Luke Skywalker kissed his sister.”

Gabe only touches lightly on gameplay, but it sounds like all the classes are unique and a lot of fun. He really loves the holocall system, that allows you to remotely participate via hologram in a shared diaog that someone else in your party started; he says “It’s a little touch but believe me when I tell you the game is full of smart little bits like this.”

It’s very much worth reading his full impressions. Entertaining and educational!

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