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Twitter QandA Part 1

Gabe and Stephen answers us some questions posted on Twitter.  Here’s what we found out.

Twitter Q&A Part 1

Q:  Are purple lightsabers limited to the Sith?

A:  No purple lightsabers are not limited to the Sith. – gabe

Q:  Will we be able to test in-game guild functions during the beta weekends?

A:  Yes you will be able to test Guild functions, it is part of the reason we want guilds in testing. – Stephen

Q:  I was wondering if the loot bags for defeated bosses are a operation only thing, or are they included for flashpoints as well?

A:  We’re considering the possibility of loot containers for Flashpoints, but no final decision yet – gabe

Q:  Is your team designing hard-mode operations with more of a challenge in mind or more towards accessibility for all?

A:  Operations in ‘hard mode’ will require proper co-ordination and team work from all group members! – Gabe

Q:  How long do you need to wait until repeating an Operation? One week like other multiplayer games?

A:  The length of time for an Op lockout will be on a case-by-case basis, but Eternity Vault is currently 1 week. -Gabe

Q:  How does BW look upon players killing quest npc’s to block pve players on pve servers?

A:  Players cannot kill other players’ mission-giving NPCs.

Q:  Are Operations only limited to normal mode and hard mode or will there be more than two difficulties?

A:  Yes, we’re in the process of working on additional difficulty modes for Operations.

Q:  Could you provide detail regarding whatever PvP advancement system is in place?

A:  Quick answer – we have a Valor Rank system, players earn valor in PvP to rank up. Higher ranks unlock stuff. 😉 – gabe

Q:  Will we see a pre-launch character creation tool like Bioware did with Dragon Age:Origins?

A:  A pre-launch character creator is not currently planned. – Stephen

Q:  The game is released in limited numbers.Is this generally limited or more per area?I.E Having 90% of US playing, 10% rest of world.

A:  Varies by area, but we can’t talk about specific numbers. Nowhere near the ratio you’re suggesting. -Stephen

Q:  With the beta weekends in September will the European contingent be gaining access beta at the same time as those in the USA ?

A:  EU folk will be playing in September, however large scale ramp will happen in US first, then EU close after. -S


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