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Breakdown: Huttball

Gamescom is happening this week and the Old Republic is showing off endgame content. Friday the 19th gives us a look at the great game of Huttball. Sponsored by the Czerka Corporation and the Hutt Cartels, it’s a deadly game where cheating is encouraged and even the arena, the Pit on Nar Shaddaa, will try to kill you. In other Warzones you will fight along the lines of your faction, but not necessarily in Huttball. Players that were once your allies in one game could be enemies in the next. Here is Huttball:


The Environment:

The game of Huttball is played in “The Pit”:


The Game:

In Huttball teams compete on two teams, the Rotworms:

and the Frogdogs:

One player captures a neutral ball from the center:

Upon death the ball is passed to the killer:

The ball carrier may pass the ball to a teammate:

A team scores once they have a player in possesion of the ball inside the scoring area. You can also pass to stealthed teammates, but that will cause them to drop their stealth:

The ball resets to the center of The Pit after scoring. This is what happens when everyone charges a neutral ball:


What to Avoid:

The Flame Tiles:

The Acid Bath:


What to Use:

The Jump Pads:

The Powerups:


New and Improved Abilities:

The Imperial Agent Sniper’s Cover and Encampment:

The Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer’s Force Storm and the Sith Warrior Juggernaut’s Force Choke:

The Jedi Consular Sage’s Force Lift combined with an ability similar to Project:


Czerka Corporation:

“Czerka. Brillant solutions for a brighter tomorrow.”



I’m looking forward to this Warzone more than the others we have seen. Overall, I feel Huttball is a nice twist on the Capture the Flag style game, with time- and score-based victory conditions encouraging strategy while keeping the fights fast and hectic. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next video.


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