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Before The Dark Times: Before Ponies

Magical pony, take me far away to a magical land with fairies and rainbows and shiny pink diamonds! Or if you don’t want to do that, take me back Before The Dark Times to when The Old Republic got a webcomic! Thanks magical pony! <3

Time to hop back before The Lost Suns and Blood of the Empire. These were the days when coloured pages were torn to shreds. When professional artists cried. When grown men LOL’d at pictures. This was the Threat of Peace.


I’m certainly no comic expert; I don’t even like them much. But hey, it’s The Old Republic, and it’s free, so I consumed The Old Republic’s first comic by Dark Horse, Threat of Peace, like an emu would a lemon. Omnomnomnom.

Small Crazy Emu

For a small number of critical reasons, the Threat of Peace comic was widely hated. And when I say hated, I mean “fanboy hated”. As in, just about everyone still read it and enjoyed it, but they just liked to complain. And that’s okay… I mean, where’s the fun in being positive all the time, right?

Threat of Peace Action

Though a few frames were certainly questionable and the art style was unappealing to a large percentage of the audience, there was actually a lot to feast your eyes on throughout the series.

Threat of Peace Frame

More important were the complaints about the release schedule. Threat of Peace was released on The Old Republic website at a rate of three pages every two weeks. This meant that readers had a hard time keeping up with the story, and many would avoid it altogether for a few months, then read it all at once. In any case, getting three pages at a time was like a leech trying to suck the yolk out of a boiled egg. I’m not sure whether it was more painful for the egg or the leach. Poor everyone. /conclude strange analogy

All in all, I would certainly recommend that anyone who hasn’t seen Threat of Peace should check it out. It gives some extra vibe on the setting and characters of The Old Republic.

Stay tuned for my next article, in which we discover that just about everyone is upper class.

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