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Breakdown: Eternity Vault

Friday, August 26th. The Eternity Vault is The Old Republic’s first Operation. It is a prison on the planet Belsavis in which both the Republic and Empire are threatened by its inhabitants. This is the first multi-group, level 50 content offered in The Old Republic. The video shows us the entirety of the first encounter and boss fight in The Eternity Vault.



Entering the Eternity Vault:

Ships in orbit over Corellia.

Selecting your Escape Pod.



A look at some level 50 gear. [From left to right: Powertech (DPS), Sith Marauder (DPS), Sith Assassin (tank), Sith Sorcerer (DPS), Sith Juggernaut (tank), Mercenary (DPS), Sith Sorcerer (healer)]

Another shot of level 50 armour. [From left to right: Operative (healer), Juggernaut (tank), Powertech (DPS), Sorcerer (healer)]


The Turrets:

The turrets show a white beam marking the target for an area-damaging blast.


Annihilation Droid XRR-3:

XRR-3 stuns and knockbacks anyone within a short distance around it.

Groupwide missile barrage damage. The group can choose to heal through it or line of sight behind the turret mounts from the previous fight.

A red targeting circle appears on the target of a missile area explosion.

At 50% the boss begins raining missiles on the ground. The area targeted is indicated with a red circle.


The Sorcerer:

A good look at the Sith Sorcerer’s standard Force Lightning ability. 2 second cast time.

A channelled version of Force Lightning. 3 second channel. Also, what appears to be XRR-3’s “spoken” warnings.

Buffing allies within range.

This is Reanimation, an in-combat resurrection ability.

Placed on the ground, an area gets healed over time by the Sith Sorcerer.

Damage-absorbing shields can be placed on allies.


The Sith Inquisitor Assassin:

The Sith Assassin can pull an enemy to him, acting as a taunt.

A burst of Dark Force energy emanating from the Sith Assassin.

Blasting the target with lightning and chaining it to other enemies near the Sith Sorcerer.

A debuff, possibly a damage over time, outgoing damage reduction, or incoming damage increase.

Wither. A buff that weakens the opponents attacking the Sith Assassin.


Imperial Agent Operative:

Buffing allies within range.

The operative can send a Probe to heal an ally for a few seconds.

Another Probe with an unknown purpose.

The Operative has a channeled heal. 3 second channel.


Bounty Hunter Mercenary:

The Mercenary heals himself with a button press. 2 second cast.

A strong instant laser shot.


Sith Warrior Juggernaut:

A Force-filled slam that damages the area around the Sith Juggernaut.


Later in the Operation:

Defence Drones that patrol the inner areas of the Eternity Vault.

A giant monster. He slams down stalactites to form a path to him on which you much fight smaller monsters.

A giant puzzle.

The Infernal One.


I am very excited for endgame content if it is all on this level of intensity. There is so much going on in the pre-boss trash, even before the Annihilation Droid XRR-3 drops in. It just looks really fun. Thanks for reading. See you next video.


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