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Bioware Chooses to Stagger the Release of SWTOR Further

It seems that a little news site by the name of Shack News had a little chit-chat with the friendly leaders of Bioware to discuss their choice to trickle out the release of the game in a manor even further than what you may have thought them to do!

It seems that not only are they preparing for stable servers by keeping pre-order numbers limited, but even for those of us who have pre-ordered: our early access to the game may not be granted as fast as we had hoped. In the article, they discuss slowly granting access to the game over an undisclosed period of time to the point that some folks may barely recieve any early access to the game, if any at all. We’ve already been informed that our early access time will be granted in the order of which our pre-order codes were redeemed on the official website, but the read lead me to forrow my brow in worry nonetheless. Of course, this is all for the sake of a high quality launch and attempting to keep that HUGE problem every online game has at launch at bay. We’ll have to see how that works out, and hope that it doesn’t prevent those that are invested in their game already from playing for too long.


To read the full article, check out Shack News and gain your own perspective.


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