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Before The Dark Times: Before Racism

Hollywood. The world of celebrities. Pop culture and the media. Iconic artists who become crazy attention-seeking law-breakers. Those who will do anything to become even more famous. We’ve seen a fair share of this lot on TOROcast. And today I’m talking about SammMoney, a racist.

We now know that there will be multiple playable races in Star Wars: The Old Republic, including the mysterious Chiss and the blind Miraluka. Then there’s the million Zabrak Darth Maul wannabes. *sigh*


Around July 2009, Samm (who has hosted the TOROcast podcast for over two and a half years) brought up a controversial theory: that human would be the only playable species in The Old Republic. Since BioWare had said nothing official on the subject at that point, this was a hotly debated discussion for some time.

Samm’s suspicions didn’t just come out of a rich man’s ass brass; it came from a clever place. He noticed that in the history of the Star Wars franchise, just about every protagonist in the games, books and movies has been a human (with obvious exceptions, i.e., SWG). And you can’t blame Star Wars for that; us humans are a pretty kewl mob.

A Kewl Nerd

This theory was soon debunked when BioWare announced that there would be other playable races. So you may be wondering why I bothered telling you about it. BECAUSE IT’S INTERESTING AND THAT’S WHAT THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT YOU SHOE-SNIFFER!!

Anger Management

Don’t worry I’m not actually angry, I just wanted to use that image. Hehe.

Personally I am hoping for a few more races to be revealed before SWTOR’s launch this fall. Well, aren’t we all? We’ve heard rumours of Cyborgs which sound very intriguing, and the Nautolans are of particular importance to me, since my avatar around the internet is a Nautolan. Plus, Kit Fisto is like the coolest dude to ever wield a lightsaber. Arguably.

Kit Fisto

One thing we do know is that all playable races are just gonna be humans with funny-coloured dangly bits. They’re basically just humanoids with diseases. So no playable Rancors. *sadface*

Oh and SammMoney isn’t actually a racist. As far as I know.

Thanks for reading once again! If you disagree about how cool Kit Fisto is, you can (as always) leave a comment below. Or even hit me up on Twitter, I’d love for you to abuse me! Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately there won’t be another Before The Dark Times in two weeks, as I’m taking a short break to defrag the harddrive that is my brain. So that’s the last you’ll hear from me in this form for a little while. Stay stylish!

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