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Breakdown: Choose Your Side: Jedi Knight v Bounty Hunter

Choose Your Side is a new series of videos in which some of the development team share two classes with us and then pit them in a PvP battle at the end of the video. The first instalment shows us a Mercenary Bounty Hunter and a Sentinel Jedi Knight clashing.


Jedi Knight General Information

Romance option for a male Jedi Knight


Sentinel vs. Mercenary

A crowd control break by the Jedi Knight


The Jedi Knighth uses the Force to grab enemies as a crowd control


A self-protecting Force Barrier


The Jedi Knight can use the Force Charge to move to higher ground


But the Bounty Hunter can knockback with a Jetpack blast


The Choose Your Side videos appear to show off two classes that have completely different fighting styles. I'm excited to see the other videos, not only for the odd PvP match-ups but for the look into some aspects of the solo game. It will be interesting to see who they choose to fight the rest of the classes and if we see classes in the Choose Your Side videos before their Progression videos. Thanks for reading. See you next video.


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