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Friday Update: Warzones, Can’t We All Just Get Along?

This Friday update Bioware brings us Warzones and a new Game Systems page. War! Huh-yeah, what is it good for? Well PvP of course and Bioware gives us the new Game System page so we can check out three current warzones, Voidstar, Huttball, and Alderaan. Be sure to take a look at Bioware putting the War in Star Wars.


The Voidstar is a derelict Imperial Battle Cruiser that is believed to contain the secrets to a very powerful weapon. The Empire and the Republic will race to attack and defend this ship in a siege type game style. The game is broken up into multiple rounds and the victor is chosen by the quickest time to the core.



Huttball is the quintessential Capture the flag game with a twist. Two teams battle for control of a ball which starts in the center of the arena. Each team must somehow run, pass, and survive with the ball in hand while reaching the opposing teams’ goal line. There is no easy in this game as they must make it through several deadly traps littered across the playing field.



The Alderaan warzone is a battle over control of turrets. Your team must maintain control over the majority of the turrets in order to blast the other teams transport ship out of the sky. This will not be easy as each team must strategically balance their team and ensure they are victorious.


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