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Breakdown: Voidstar

BioWare updated the game systems list with an entry showing off their Warzones. On the page we were given a video for the third Warzone, Voidstar. The video shows us how the Warzone will operate and new armour for each faction.





The Ship:

This is the Voidstar:


The launch bay:

The view from the Republic starting area:


An extensible bridge:


The bridge can be extended from this panel. We can also see two buffs in the background:


Higher ground:


The doors in which the Republic must plant charges on in order to progress to the computer room:

Planting the bombs:

The attackers can CC to stop the disarming:

The hole after the explosion:


The computer room:


A large Imperial symbol sprawls across the ground, possibly identifying a control point:


The Teams:

New level 50 Empire PvP armour for the Sith Juggernaut (Sith Warrior), Mercenary (Bounty Hunter), Sith Sorcerer (Sith Inquisitor), Sniper (Imperial Agent), Powertech (Bounty Hunter) and Sith Assassin (Sith Inquisitor). [Note that the Bounty Hunters both show armour we have already seen from the Eternity Vault PvE armour.]:


New level 50 Republic PvP Armour for the Scoundrel (Smuggler), Commando (Trooper), Jedi Guardian (Jedi Knight), Jedi Sentinel (Jedi Knight), Gunslinger (Smuggler), Jedi Sage (Jedi Consular):


Voidstar is a very interesting Warzone. I feel that the Republic is at a disadvantage if they are only attacking and the Empire simply wins by waiting for time to expire. I plan on playing Empire so this isn’t a Republic fan’s opinion. Defending always seems easier because you know where the enemy has to go and if you’re patient you will succeed. I look forward to playing Voidstar, as well as the other two announced Warzones. Thanks for reading. See you next video.


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