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Guild Phase 3 – Deployment

Bioware has just announced that they have entered the Guild Phase 3 – Deployment.  What does that mean for you?  Well read on.

Deployment – LINK

The first part of phase 3 has just been initiated by Bioware.  This is your last chance to make sure that your guild has the certain requirements needed to qualify for phase 3.

  • It is important that atleast four members of your guild have pre-ordered the game and redeemed their Pre-Order code.

What also should be noted is that Bioware has removed the requirement for the guild leader to log in to verify that they are active and wish to take part in phase 3.

Also just too avoid any more confusion Bioware have implimented a handy status indicator which will you show how many people have pre-ordered and whether or not your guild is ready to fight for the Republic or the Sith.

Don’t forget folks that now is the time to ensure the guild you are apart of has met the requirements.

Launch is only next month (I’ve waiting three years to say that) so don’t wait too long.

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