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Friday Update: Agents, Prepare for New Intel on Revan and Early Game Access

This week we get a look at the armor progression of the Imperial Agent. We also get a peek at two chapter in the upcoming Revan novel, due to release November 15th.  A final note is new information on Early Game Access.





Imperial Agent Character Progression



The newest installment to the Character Progression videos has been released and it is for all you Imperial Agents out there on your covert missions. Upon further inspection there are some nice tidbits of secret information on game mechanics. There appear to be pieces of the environment that you can target and destroy to damage nearby enemies. The Agent seems to have a bubble that can cover a very large area to protect allies.

Full Bioware Article Here


New Revan Novel


The second piece of the Friday Update is two whole chapters from the new upcoming Revan Novel. This novel is going to tells us the details of what the Jedi Revan did after the events that took place in the first game, Knights of the Old Republic. The two chapters are Chapter Three and Chapter Eleven. This new novel by Drew Karpyshyn is due to hit the shelves Novemeber 15th, 2011.

Second Full Bioware Update Here


Early Game Access

The last bit of information relased today was an update on Early Game Access.  We now know that it will take place 5 days before release and that it will be staggered over these five days.  Meaning they will invite groups of people, whom have pre-ordered, over these five days to ease the process of having the game go live.  Make sure you have pre-ordered the game, received your access code, and entered your code at the Code Redemption Center.

Full Bioware Info Here

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