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Georg Zoeller Gives New Insights to the Trooper Class

Republic Trooper had an exclusive interview with Georg Zoeller specifically about the Trooper class and how it will work in specific class rolls.  There are even some new skills discussed!

Georg Zoeller discusses the challenges of designing encounters around range tanking.  A ranged tank has a harder time moving a boss or mob in to position and threat generation.  To get around this most of the tanking abilities have been set to mid-range and the threat calculations are no different from that of melee tanks.

Unlike the melee tanking classes, though, the Trooper can wear heavy armor.  He is a more predicatable tank wherein he can take hits instead of depending on dodging them.

Georg Zoeller goes on to talk about some of the skills that a Trooper uses that he enjoys.

Georg Zoeller: “Hail of Bolts(Trooper Base Class) – The Trooper blankets the targeted location with heavy blaster fire, damaging those caught in the attack.”

“Combat Support Cell / Supercharge Cell(Commando) – While Combat Support Cell is active, your basic ranged attacks and key medic abilities charge the cell. When fully charged, Supercharge Cell can be activated to grant temporarily increased damage and healing.”

For more information go to Republic Trooper

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