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Best Buy's Magazine, @Gamer, Reviews SW:TOR

Straight from Best Buy’s @Gamer Magazine is a review of Star Wars: The Old Republic.  This may appear to be your average run-of-the-mill review, but upon closer inspection there many nuggets of information inside, including Flashpoints info!

In this nine page spread the reviewer gives a bit of insight into the classes, worlds, flashpoints, companions, warzones, and even gives us a present at the end.  This is mostly for anyone whom has not been following the game as close as most of us.  However, upon further inspection one can read more about the Jedi Knight character story, Flashpoint levels, the Hammer Flashpoint, and the Directive 7 Flashpoint.

If you plan on playing a Jedi Knight, skip this paragraph and the fourth page in the article itself.  The reviewer tells us about his first companion, an Astromech Droid named T7-01, and how he rescued T7 from Flesh Raiders at level 5.  The droid is apparently very good in combat, but is removed quickly by a Jedi Master on Tython.  He goes on to speak about one of the hard choices he had to make involving two Jedis in love.  He lied to a Jedi Master about the relationship, taking pity on the pair, and was rewarded with Dark Side points.


My favorite part of the article is about the Flashpoints.  The reviewer gives us an outline of what levels there are Flashpoints and small tidbits on Directive 7 and Hammer.

@Gamer: “A Flashpoint mission will be available at level 10, 16, and then every four levels up to level 48, with two Flashpoints awarded at level 50.”

To my understanding this is the first time we have the Flashpoints mapped out per level.  By my calculations the total is 12 Flashpoints, but at New York Comic Con there was a release about there going to be 15 Flashpoints at launch.  So this may be an old build of the game, but it is still exciting news.  This just means that there are 3 Flashpoints that could occur at any point during your character’s career.

As for Directive 7, there is only a small line attached to a picture telling us that a boss can inject robots with the abilities of your character to fight you.  The other Flashpoint is called Hammer.  There is also a small sentence attached to a picture for Hammer, it tells us about characters deciding the fate of an old Republic vessel.

The last page of the article gives us two awesome papercraft pieces; the Fury Class Starship and Darth Malgus.  I, personally, will have these cut out and placed next my Collector’s Edition statue of Darth Malgus.

Be sure to check out the main page of @Gamer and download the PDF file of the full article.

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