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SWTOUR James Ohlen QandA

Welcome to the first day of SWTour!  Our first attraction is a Q&A section with our favorite game director, James Ohlen.  Yes, the man we love to talk to because of his ability to leak info that makes Bioware lock him back up.  Read on to find out what lovely info we have today!

These bullet points are gathered from Kyle’s, KPants, and TORWars‘ twitter accounts and outline what was said by James Ohlen.


  • When asked about world events in TOR, James smiled and nodded knowingly saying “can’t talk about that…”
  • Social Points are used for social fun items and not just gear
  • Quest sharing is in, but not class quests.
  • Illum is the only Open World PvP currently
  • No info on open world PvP, post launch is possible
  • No Faction or Reputations points system
  • Cyborg race confirmed!!
  • Item Mods allow you to use the same item from level 10-50, just may seem hard at times
  • Feature to friend people in group after finishing a quest
  • No grey/neutral morality perks or rewards at launch
  • No implementation in the game of allies/adversaries other than being on the same server


That’s all that has been tweeted about the Q&A, so far.  Be sure to check back for any new information on the Q&A.  Afterwards James Ohlen was sent back to work by Stephen Reid and David Bass.  As a side note, before the Q&A started Stephen Reid tweeted a picture of the Collector’s Edition in person!


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