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SWTOUR Weekend: The Schedule and Tid-Bits

Many of you may be aware that there was a fansite summit the weekend from the 6th to the 8th of November, but most don’t really know what we were doing at all that weekend, really. So, since I’m up, I decided to go ahead and put down our basic schedule and what we did throughout the weekend, and IN addition…I went ahead and took most everything we learned (outside of my Illum write-up) that I can talk about currently, and tossed it in afterward with more elaboration than the live Twitter updates.


Sunday Night:

  • Party night; We drank. A lot.
  • We also did a live-cast via TOR Syndicate (which can be found here).


  • Sat down and chit-chatted at Bioware.
  • Had a Studio Tour to meet some of the employees and see where they work.
  • Played the game (Dromund Kaas/Coruscant with the option to do the flashpoint before).
  • Had lunch and questioned James Ohlen for an hour.
  • Discussed some things with Bioware.
  • Continued our previously mentioned playtime from where we left off.
  • After about 3 hours, we sat down with Gabe Amantangelo for a Q/A, and he showed us Illum, Voidstar, and stuff (that’s currently not available to be discussed, but let’s just say you’ll LOVE it.).
  • Afterward, we continued playing for a little before we went bowling/laser tagging/drinking/goofing around for the remainder of the night.


  • Packed our bags and checked out of the hotel.
  • Basically walked in and got straight to playing a newly revealed flashpoint: Directive 7.
  • Got to hear Georg’s Metrics presentation, followed by a Q/A with him.
  • After that, we went back to playing (this time, we had the option to continue doing Directive 7 or to switch over to Hammerfall).
  • After not too long a period of time, we said our fair wells, and parted ways.

The Things We Learned:

This is all based around what I already tweeted on my Twitter account (@Kyle_Pants) as it was happening, but with a bit more elaboration and clarity. Also, this is helpful for those of you who weren’t following me or #SWTOUR. Either way, enjoy the facts.


  • You’ll find that the harder flashpoints in the game may have enrage timers, but not necessarily hardmode flashpoints (if at all). For those of you blissfully unaware, enrage timers basically mean that you have x number of minutes to kill a boss before they go bananas, and slaughter your entire group. This means that there’s not only pressure on the tank and healer, but it adds that pressure to the DPS as well to kill that boss as fast as they can.
  • Confirmed daily lockout on hardmode flashpoints, so there won’t be farming for commendations/gear this way. It was also said that there will be 3 to 4 bosses per flashpoint, the 4th being bonus, hidden, avoidable, etc., that Flashpoints ought to take around 2-3 hours while (successfully operated) operations will take around 3 hours (though I imagine 4 is a more likely number in comparison to flashpoints, personally).
  • No full premades allowed in regular Warzones at the moment (only 4, not 8). Also, warzones (as in the warzones currently in the game) will only be 8v8, no more, no less.
  • It can be noted that certain vehicle mounts will be found as loot via the Eternity Vault (no further specifics given, though we were shown one). This means that people who are hardcore operators can show off their pizzazz with a little “mustang”-style transporation.
  • New feature added to where after you complete a quest, if you’re in a group, dialogue will appear underneath the quest completion box asking if you’d like to add your party members to your friends list. The box is gold, and stands out like a beacon of hope. Also, quest sharing IS in the game, but it skips the dialogue of that quest (so beware, story lovers). Also, while you can share world-arc quests and whatever else, you may not share story quests at all.
  • Items attained via social points are primarily social items, as well as spiffy looking armor sets (such as Sand People outfits via Tatooine, for example). While these social items may be unique, the collector’s addition store will have a whole different set of unique social-use items and armors that won’t be replicated in game anywhere else.
  • Confirmed that you may use the modification system to take your level 10 items, and use those same items all the way through 50, though it will be much harder to maintain the proper stat bonuses that way (and probably expensive).
  • Bioware has given up trying to find a reason behind orbital bombardment in a space station, and is just letting it be what it is(n’t).
  • As of launch and further future intentions at this time, there will not be factions nor reputation grinds to concern yourself with in SWTOR. The story of the game makes introduction of such aspects far too complicated to worry about, and also renders them useless at the same time.
  • When asked about world events in TOR, James Ohlen said he couldn’t talk about that sort of thing, but nodded his head with a knowing smile on his face…I’m pulling hope out of that hat.
  • You will have time BEFORE Early Access to download the game client, and prepare for your life to be kept indoors for a long, long time. However, once that Early Access period is over, you’ll be required to enter your CD key before you can log onto your account again via the launcher. If you ordered digitally through Origin, they’ll email you the key. If you ordered the physical copy, you’ll want to get that as soon as possible. When presented with the question of the CE or even Standard addition purchased via Origin…they weren’t sure of the answer on whether they’d email you your CD code or not. Let us hope that they do.
  • I’d do a write-up about Voidstar, but it really is just what it looks like. Empire vs Republic, one side is randomly chosen to attack first, and has 10 minutes to break through two barriers. First, there’s two sets of doors (after you blow up one, both are opened), which you proceed past down a corridor to an open area where you have to activate a consol to create a light bridge, which takes you to another set of doors (again, two of both the doors and the light bridges). After that, it’s a race down a short hallway to a computer that you quickly hack, and end that round. The second round then switches the roles of each faction, and the former defender now has to assault and capture that computer in less time than they were defeated, or they lose.

Any further elaboration needed, you can tweet me (Again, @Kyle_Pants) and ask your questions, I’ll be happy to answer anything further. You may also choose to ask in a comment on this article, though I can’t garentee I’ll see it as swiftly as a Tweet (if at all). Also, look forward to my Illum article being posted within the day.

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