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Friday Update: Dreaming of Game Testing

A week of excitement for much of the North American players and those lucky few European’s that get in the game to test.  Today Bioware have announced their biggest ever game test coming later this month and TOR is coming to Sweden at Dreamhack.  More after the hyperjump.

Beta Test Weekend Announcement – LINK



With each beta test weekend Bioware have added more and more players to test The Old Republic.  Today they announced that everyone who has signed up and agreed to be part of game testing before 11th November will be invited to Bioware’s biggest beta invite ever!  Later this month thousands of players will get their hands on TOR to try it out.

If you didn’t sign up before the 11th November, have no fear you still have a chance to get in.  For the first time Bioware has given other gaming sites beta keys to give away.

Some examples are:






And many, many more.  To see the full list head HERE.


TOR At Dreamhack – LINK



Also announced is that The Old Republic will be at Dreamhack in Sweden for the largest LAN party in the world.  Bioware and Lucasarts will be there to celebrate and show off TOR in preparation for the global launch on the 20th December.

Dreamhack begins on the Thursday 24th November and continues to Sunday 27th November.

If you’re planning on heading to Dreamhack don’t forget to check out TOR.

Thank you all for reading.

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