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Breakdown: Choose Your Side: Trooper vs Sith Inquisitor

The second installment of Choose Your Side: Republic Trooper versus Sith Inquisitor. The Inquisitor is an Assassin and the Trooper is a Commando. A stealth melee Advanced Class versus an Advanced Class with one of the longest range. The developers and writers weigh in on this exciting battle.


Trooper versus Inquisitor




The new stealth graphic for Inquisitors.


In-combat stealth graphic.


A mid-ranged saber throw.




Concussion charge.



The Fight:

New debuffs shown for both the Inquisitor and Trooper.


Just a cool image of an Inquisitor’s Force Lightning versus a Trooper’s Lightning Shot.



The Dark Council.



Some cool little abilities are shown that we have not seen yet. I like that each stealth class has a different graphic for the stealth ability. Personally I think the trooper had an advantage in this video but in-game it will be a much closer fight. Thanks for reading. See you next video.


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