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The First Ten! The NDA has lifted

The NDA has lifted! We are now releasing as TOROcast the articles we have been preparing for the arrival of the lift. And here you have it, Banath is going to tell you about his experience of the first ten levels as a Bounty Hunter. Enjoy!

The First Ten

The Bounty Hunter

By Banath

Hello everyone, and welcome to the series of articles we of TOROcast are releasing on Star Wars the Old Republic now the non-disclosure agreement has been laid to rest. For those who want to play as a Bounty Hunter, I recommend you to skip this article. There will be a couple of spoilers, as few as I will try, but there may always be a slip up of something you do not want to hear yet. So now that that has been addressed, let’s go into my beta experience as a Bounty Hunter.

Nal Hutta

You have barely set your foot on the planet’s surface, or the first person that bumps into you gets killed. Not by you, but by pursuing Gammoreans. The tone has been set. It’s a harsh, deadly world, where there are no real safe corners. If your number comes up, almost quite literally due to the abundance of Bounty Hunters, you are done for. But not just its people. The planet itself has a noxious fume over itself. So strong that you can almost smell it through the television screen. And that is very much needed to give this planet its own character. And they did. Not just through the looks of the planet, but also the inhabitants. But more about those, later on.

Meeting the crew


As most of you know, when you begin as a Bounty Hunter you are working with an elderly Bounty Hunter, called Brayden. Looking for his successor, the man stumbled into you (in this case me as a Chiss with background of some skill). His lifelong dream was to win the Great Hunt. But now due to time, he has become to old ánd didn’t manage to get a sponsor. You, on the other hand, are young, strong and willing to become the Mandalorian Great Hunter. But to become that, you have to do choirs for the head honcho of the place, Nem’ro the Hutt. And like all Hutts, he is scum. And you can quote me on that. He is losing a bit of his reign over the planet, and wants you to deal with his enemies. If you won’t, he won’t sponsor you to get into the Great Hunt. A prerequisite for those of non-Mandelorian decent.
And even worsened when you find out that Brayden has been murdered by a fellow contestant.

Playing the game

In control. That’s how I felt when I played the first ten levels. I didn’t have to worry too much about my health, and even if I died, I just shrugged my shoulders and thought, move along. I never felt boring during these first ten levels. Something no other MMO managed to do till level ten. I didn’t keep staring at me progress bar thinking “When I’m going to level up again?” And I mean that as a good thing. I wasn’t bothered by the progression and the journey to the next level was never boring. It progressed the way it went, I never felt taken out of it, because I had not yet reached the next level. I was fine. And when I did level (of course you do it at regular intervals), I had a smile and thought yes, new abilities to be bought, but I never felt… lacking in abilities when I did not yet have the dual wielding blasters, or the rocket punch, or the flamethrower (these are all bought at different levels of course. Heck, the dual wield is when you become the Advanced Class Mercenary).

Interacting with quests


It matters. It really does. Instead of getting some sheet of text with “Oh help me, Obi-wan Kenobi, you are my only hope”, you actually hear and see emotion. That is something a sheet can never produce. When you hear the Hutt’s chuckle, when you see the hardship of a husband and wife trying to keep afloat, yes then you do care about what happens. And when someone pleads not to do this because it would literally kill his family, I at least, started to question my acts as a bounty hunter.
I think I wouldn’t be much of a bounty hunter in real life, if I would be acting like I do in the game. I let people go if they are in a bad wrap and riled the local crimelords, but when I bump into someone that just went the other because of money… Though luck. Im not going for neutral. I’m actively trying to be a light side bounty hunter, but at some points, it’s even illogical to go the light side road. Not just for your own health, but it would be wrong to do it that way. The person actually did something truly evil and then you can execute there on the spot, just to give one a clean death, would be considered light side if the alternative was a painful death. As far as I am considered it is neither light side, the former rather neutral, the latter dark side. So don’t expect clear cut light and dark side answers. If you are not sure which way you will lean, really do just check what way the answers results will be.

The First Flashpoint

As a bounty hunter, the first Flashpoint was the Black Talon. Most have seen this Flashpoint played out a bit. But like I said, I wouldn’t spoil too much, but letting the Captain live is one of the few choices you will have to make. But fighting the Republic for the first time, felt good. Well, as far as it felt good. But I mean rather acting out the first tactics and first steps into the start of the war. The thing this game will all be about. And the first skirmishes are tough, but very much fun to do. Again, because of the integration of story in a very viable way, I actually like to get my ass into a fire fight with a bunch of Republic soldiers. And lucky me, I had the most important roles go into my favour during the conversations. Muhaha. Sorry for those who wanted to kill the captain. I didn´t ;)
Here you also see the reward you will get when the group hinges in the same way. But I don’t know what happens when the group does vote the same way. I did saw the pop-up, but the effect… If someone could clear that up for me, I’d be most pleased with that.

To the stars

Will I keep playing the game? Yes, at least as far as I can see now. I like the feel of the game, the look of the game is beautiful and the story is what make me play this game. Now after these first ten levels, I arrived at Dromuund Kaas. The capital planet of the Empire. What adventures will await this lightish bounty hunter, looking for honour and an honest fight? When will I get my starship? Well, I just have to find out and fight for my place in the Great Hunt!

As always,

May the Force be with you.

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