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Largest Beta Weekend Date Confirmed

We’ve been hearing about the largest beta test weekend and signing up to get our codes, but when will the weekend occur?  Question no more!

Straight from Daniel Erickson’s Google+ page and Stephen Reid’s Twitter account we have two confirmations that the test will be during everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend!  Not only do you get amazing turkey on thursday, you get amazing SW:TOR on friday!

Daniel Erickson: “Everyone coming in for the giant test over Thanksgiving weekend? We need as many people as possible to simulate a launch environment!”

Stephen Reid: “FAQ: when are invites going out to let people download #SW:TOR client for 25-28 Nov test? Next week.”

I hope everyone doesn’t eat too much turkey and fall asleep during the beta test.  This is supposedly the largest beta test in MMO history and is meant to simulate launch day.  If you have any problems with the beta, ANY PROBLEMS, make sure to report them via the bug reporting system so we can have a spectacular launch day December 20th.

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