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Dromund Kaas, the next levels

Banath now discusses shortly his adventures on Dromund Kaas, exploring the Imperial main planet. Darkness, Lighting and Questing. And more!

Dromund Kaas

The Next Levels

By Banath

Hello all, and welcome back to a new article now that the NDA has lifted. I will continue my talk about the Bounty Hunter and will show you the next couple of levels after the first Flashpoint.

Planet of Darkness


Let me first start off to talk about the planet, like I did last time. The planet looks beautiful and manages to set the right tone. It is dark, lightning flashes all over the place, the dangerous animals that lurke around look like they have been crafted out of pure evil or nightmares. Not a planet you would like to live “happily ever after.”
Luckily, that’s not the aim of a Bounty Hunter. The music swells, revealing short tidbits from the Manaan music, and it sets me up perfectly for this dreary and deadly world. A jungle world filled with life, but life only demanding your death. The Sith have done a great job to convert almost everything on that planet into a dark sided creature. When you arrive at the planet, you are directly sent towards the main capital, Kaas City. But of course, there are other obstacles in the way.

Shooting your butt off on the planet

Well, you have to fight almost immediately when you have set foot on the planet’s surface. There are a couple of quest givers at the entrance of the spaceport, and they will need your help. The animals have become more feroucias than usual, and it is hurting the Sith Empire quite dearly. See here one of the several heroic places around the planet. Through a “gentle” (cause let’s be honest, how gentle is it when you fire your guns off at everything that moves) push on Bioware’s side, you are reminded of the more difficult area’s in the game. And trust me, it’s not an easy place to wander to. When I accidently bumped into a couple of heroic Mandelorians, my Chiss died painfully fast. You need other people.

Quest and story

Now before people think I will spoil a lot on the quests on Dromund Kaas, don’t worry, I won’t. I am the same as you. I don’t like to get my story spoiled to much. However, what I will tell, is that here, you will encounter the first group of quests related to, well, you. Not the literal you in the game, but to the game where this series began. To Revan. Revan might have died, but his legacy still lives on. And it raises a couple of very engaging questplotlines and choices you will have to make. There is an encampment of who the Empire sees as rebels, and they need to take care off. The question will remain however, do you side with the Revanits? Or will you side with the Sith Empire?

The Great Hunt is of course never far away, but you don’t have to rush, and shouldn’t rush through the game to be engulfed in the full game. It would be such a waste to leave all these interesting quests fall by the waist side, just because you want to level up as fast as possible. Like I said in the previous article, don’t set your mind on rushing. It is both futile, since you don’t progress that fast in my opinion, and it would be such a miss for the amount of effort that Bioware has put in their game.

The City


The city of Dromund Kaas is quite orderly shaped. In one section (ie. at the back), there is the area where the different classes can go to their respective trainers and class storylines. The shops are located in one other area to the direct left, and spreaded across town, there are a couple of questgivers which can provide you with the needed extra experience. The city itself represents the Sith culture, at least in my eyes, quite well. High bulky buildings with sharp edges, like you are wandering around a city that is build out of several Orthanc’s (that’s the real name of the black tower in Isengard, for those who are not such close readers of The Lord of the Rings). Encountering several different sorts of attitudes amongs the citizens. Some are pure dark side, some are just Imperial citizens who don’t know any better and are quite kind, despite their place in the universe. Let’s just say, Kaas City is an interesting place to visit.

And now if you wouldn’t mind, I have a starship to catch 😉 I will come back to you as soon as I have done it.

For now, as always,

May the Force be with you.

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