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Finalize Your Guilds, Before It's Too Late!

So far we have had three guild phases, the last one being called Guild Deployment.  This is the time wherein Bioware is deploying the guilds in the game as there outlined on the main site guilds page.  We are coming to the final days of creating guilds pre-launch, make sure you have everything nailed down and complete!

The first phase was to create your guild, recruit your members, and promote members to officers.  The second phase involved choosing you Allies and Adversaries to be on your server.

Allies and Adversaries are guilds that you have a rapport with and would like to continue your friendship within the game.  Should two guilds accept eachother as either Ally or Adversary they have a very good chance of being placed within the same server at launch day.

The last phase has involved having four people in your guild pre-order the game and enter their codes at the Code Redemption Center.  The final days are coming to complete your guild finalization, as outlined on the main site article.  The final time is December 2nd, 11:59PM Central Standard Time.  If you do not finalize your guild with the pre-order codes your guild will not be placed within the game at launch.  Make sure you get this done and have all of your officers promoted to the correct status so that we have a smooth launch day on December 20th.

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