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Don't be too quick to uninstall your Client.

Contemplating uninstalling the SWTOR client since we still have a couple weeks to go? Trying to make room on your hard drive for that new Justin Beiber cd? Don’t’ be too quick to click uninstall.

Ok guys it was speculated about and finally announced today via twitter, you should not uninstall the recent weekend beta client.  Stephen Reid posted it this morning and reaffirmed what we have been saying.

“FAQ: if you played this weekend you do NOT need to uninstall the SWTOR client. We are planning to patch it to Early Game Access / Live.”

We get to keep the current client and they will just patch over it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the patch is a decent size, similar to the one we just had, 20gigs or so.

Sounds like a great thing to me, and I am sure even more so for those that have slow or limited bandwidth.

So keep on clicking that launcher and praying they accidently turned the switch on early!!

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