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The First Ten! The Smuggler

Hello all and welcome back to another The First Ten. This time we talk about the starting area of the Smuggler. My first goal was to find out what the first few steps of this iconic character would be like and what sort of “Han Solo”-esque escapades you would get into during your class quests. Now let’s get down into the meat of the game.

Ord Mantell


Like a true Smuggler you arrive at Ord Mantell. The planet is war torn and ravaged. Separatists against the Republic, civilians cut in the middle. It, just like with Nal Hutta, oozed the atmosphere that was being set. But different. Where Nal Hutta oozed a sense of smell, Ord Mantell oozes civil war. And it reflects in the quests. Where Nal Hutta has mostly asking people for hire to do contract killing, this is aimed at saving the innocent civilians or subservient separatists. The volcano looks ominous in the back and running around it sometimes made me go “do I smell something burn?”

The Smuggler herself

I ran this time as a female Twi’lek smuggler. Yes, she has a nice bottom, but that wasn’t what I was aiming at. The way my smuggler was characterized was as a fairly light-sided smuggler of legitimate goods (no Spice or slaves, etc), maybe with some tax evasion thrown in. But a smart-ass. In appearance, according to Eleven, my Smuggler has a dark look about her. Maybe that why no one has…. Never mind. And her voice… her voice is great. I don’t know who they asked to voice the female version of the Smuggler, but the woman does a great job. You arrive at Ord Mantell to deliver a shipment of weapons to the Republic forces, but that didn’t end up that well. You get stuck on the planet and now you have to get off the damn rock.

Now to play as the Smuggler, it’s just as much fun to jump around into cover as it was going [in] head first as the Bounty Hunter. The couple of abilities I had till level ten were adequate and fun to use. Often enough I heard myself say “ooh in the face!” when I was firing away with my blaster. And the grenade! Muhahahaha!!! It did have the same effect as the Bounty Hunter’s rocket, but the throw made it different enough for me to experience it as a unique ability.

My Ship!


Yeah, this is gonna hurt, but your home is being taken from you almost right away. And its motivational alright. I want my ship BACK! Especially from the perspective from a smuggler it’s even worse to have this happen to you. It’s your way of living. And now I’m going to any length to get my ship back. The man that has temporarily taken me under his wing provides me of valuable intel and notifies me that, just like what happened to Han Solo, that a bounty has been put on my head. Great, even more trouble. Damn this war! I wasn’t part of this… well, sort of.

It was a great start to act as the smuggler and I am glad I took the chance to play as this class. It isn’t the usual thing I would start with, especially since I thought the Bounty Hunter had a bit more bad-assery, than the Smuggler gameplay wise. But the Smuggler trumps, in my eyes, in bad-assery when we talk about story responses. Mind you, both class storylines are great, but the responses of the Smuggler are much cooler than the Bounty Hunter. Sorry JJ… 😉

Now off to Coruscant and getting even to those who tried to put me between a rock and a hard place. Revenge is best served cold, they say. I respectfully disagree. The fire of anger should be tempered, but never get cold. And when you fire it up again, make those who betrayed you, pay. (not in real life though) I… Want… My… Ship BACK!

Remember as always,
May the Force be with you.

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