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Friday Update: Keyboards, Agents, and Consulars, Oh My!

Our update this week is the newest installement of the Choose Your Side video series and the release of the Razer peripherals’ prices. The agent still seems to be loving Cobra as he fights with a Jedi Consular and the Razer Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, and Mousepad prices might cause your jaw to fall to the ground.

The Razer Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, and Mousepad were first released at E3 2011, but a price was never given. We now have the prices for these very cool SW:TOR peripherals; $249.99 for the keyboard, $139.99 for the mouse, $129.99 for the headset, and $49.99 for the mousepad. You can choose to have an Imperial or Republic design on all of the items. You can view these cool peripherals at their product page and they are now available for pre-order.

Our second part of the update is the lovely new Choose Your Side video pitting the Imperial Agent against the Jedi Consular. The Agent is still sporting his ‘Hail Cobra’ helmet and the Consular can’t seem to get out of his mother’s closet.

My only question is: Where is the Sith Inquisitor armor progression video!?

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