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SWTOR launcher update

The SWTOR launcher has been updated, in what can assume is preparation for Early Game Access which is only a week away.

The SWTOR launcher, which we used during the Beta Testing Weekends and general testing can now be updated. The first noticeable change is the addition of a PTR (Public Test Server, à la WoW’s PTR) option in the Settings dialog:


While this comes as no surprise, given it’s standard operating procedure for all MMOs, this confirms that BioWare will establish sometime after launch a server on which players can test out content patches before they are deployed onto live servers. If it’s anything like WoW, you’ll be able to copy your existing characters onto the PTS; they’ll probably also offer pre-made characters.

The second change is that once you log in using your SWTOR credentials, a new error is being presented if (like us all) you do not currently have an active subscription associated with your account:


Yet another step on the road to release! Now all you have to do is avoid the futile urge to continually fire up the launcher to see whether, through some weird twist of fate, the servers have gone live early and you can get in… there’s zero chance of that, you know. Really!


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  1. I hope that they do not make a Public Test Realm in the same way that Blizzard implemented theirs for WoW. It became so ridiculous as to make one think that there were actually two different games going on, one on the PTR and one on the Live servers. I don’t mind if they are trying out different functionality, but if it becomes an early preview of how to derive Boss strategies and whatnot, then Bioware will be doing themselves a HUGE disservice and some serious long-term harm.

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