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Full Client Download Available Now

Well guys and gals we are almost there, early access is a week away and all of us, especially me are chomping at the bit to get in game. So I am sure most of you like me want to make sure the game runs on launch day without a problem. If this is you, than keep on reading and I will give you the link to download the launch client.


Earlier this week there was a bit of confusion on whether or not you would have to run a clean install of the game or just patch the beta client from the Massive Thanksgiving Beta weekend. If this at all concerns you and you don’t want to chance having the wrong client on early access on launch day than you can just download the full launch client here.

Be sure to follow the instructions below on how to remove your old client and clean up your folders to avoid any other problems.


Click on the Start bar and open up your “Control Panel.”


Under “Programs” select “Uninstall a Program” (Windows 7) or “Add or Remove Programs” (Windows XP).


Select “Star Wars – The Old Republic.”


Right Click on the title and select “Uninstall” (Windows 7) or “Remove” (Windows XP).


Follow all the uninstall steps to remove the game from the PC.


Make sure the following directories no longer exists (or are empty):


C:Program Files (x86)EABioWareStar Wars – The Old Republic


C:Program Files (x86)BioWareStar Wars – The Old Republic


Note: If you do not see an entry for Star Wars – The Old Republic in your program list, please try the following…


Click on the Start bar and open up Computer.


Navigate to C:Program FilesCommon FilesBioWare


Locate the “Uninstall Star Wars – The Old Republic.exe” file and launch it.


Follow all the uninstall steps, listed above, to remove the game from the PC.

See you in The Old Republic!



  1. Great, so where can i download the full client? You imply you can download it NOW. So where is it then?
    Trying to get cheap hits on your site? Well it worked, sadly with that you leave many confused with the thought “where is everyone downloading the client from”.
    Nice work

  2. Sorry for raging, my mistake 😛
    You are right, i was wrong.
    Lots of tweets with fake info floating around.
    My bad, okay, i’m going to crawl away in shame now

  3. The link takes me to a page not found error page.

  4. The link takes me to a page not found error page.

  5. Thanks for the info, but the link you provided for downloading the client is ending up on a ‘page not found’ page on swtor.com.

    Just a fyi.

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