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TOROcast Returns

Good evening everyone.  It is with great pleasure that I am able to introduce to you what I would consider TOROcast.com 3.0.  With the third iteration of the new website you can expect a lot to come.  For now we are launching the site in its “beta” mode.  There are still a lot of minor kinks to be worked out and plenty of new features to be added.  We thought it would be best to get us back online and add to the base of the site.

You will notice right off the bat that a lot of the content has not yet   been placed in its proper container.  This is a huge feat and we will be working on it as time progresses forward.  You may also notice that some content does not have its author attached to it.  Unfortunately this happened during our transfer and we are working quickly to locate and rectify the issues.

With that said allow me to direct you to your accounts.  Right now all accounts are setup in a very basic format.  They have a user with a very basic profile page.  In time more features will be added to the profile page that will allow you to further your profile and provide more information about you if you would like.

To get started with the new site you are most likely going to have to request a new password to start posting.  Once you have created your password you will be allowed to post on the forums.

If you subscribe to our site using an RSS reader you are going to have to change the feed URL to the following. http://www.torocast.com/rss.xml. With this link you will be able to keep up to date with our site in the same fashion you have before.

This site will be forever changing.  There are plans to add tons of new enjoyable features for you to view use and play with during your time here at the TOROcast site.

Please remember this is a transitional phase and things may contain errors.  If you run into a problem please contact TOROcast@TOROcast.com with the problem and we will take care of it as fast as possible.

Without further hold up, welcome to the new TOROcast.com website.  Thank you for baring with us while we adjusted our site and got things up and running again.  We look forward to talking to you in the forums.

-The TOROcast Team

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