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Friend or Foe Episode 16: Bounties and their Hunters

Last time in Friend or Foe our heroes arrived as silent as they could on Tatooine. They have a bad reputation to be had already, and were sent of by their contact to find some useful shelter. Though they soon found themselves in more of a pickle then they had hoped. How will they get out of the mess? Find out in the new episode!


The thugs turned around and one more fell down. From the dark the shots came. Two more thugs were shot. The other thugs started firing in the direction they came. Me and Arako’ant used this opening to pull our weapons. I blasted the insane thug between the eyes, and my Jedi companion used her lightsaber on the remaining scumbags. A smirk laugh came from the shadows. “A Jedi? It’s my lucky day, apparently. And good looking one at that.” Arako’ant turned a bit red. I couldn’t find out if it was out of shame, anger or just blushing for the compliment. Jeez, these Jedi are out of touch with the rest of the world.  When the man that talked, walked into the light, I recognized some Mandalorian trades. Bounty hunter. My alarms were on high alert again. I looked at the man if he was lowering his guns.

With a couple of swift moves, the man put his two blasters back in their sockets. “What do you want, bounty hunter?” I said with a lot of disdain and distrust. The man acted unconvincingly hurt.

“You hurt my feelings, sir. I came to the rescue and this is my thanks?” the man nods his head in fake disbelief. He had armor plating on his chest beneath a short brown coat and a somewhat large hat.

“That is no answer to my companion’s question, Mandalorian.” Arako’ant said with renewed confidence. She probably has pulled up her emotional wall again.

“Mandalorian? You flatter me, ma’am. I wish I was such an adversary as they are. I’m just a simple bounty hunter who managed to gather a few pieces of armor that look like the Mandalorian ones. But what do I know, I'm just a simple bounty hunter. Is it weird for a man to help out people that are in danger? Though, I do want a reward.”

“Name your price, bounty hunter,” I said.

“You offend me, sir. Not everything that shines is made out of gold, so the old wives say. I don't want money.”

It’s too good to be true, popped in my head. I looked at Arako’ant. She seemed unsure about the subject in front of us either. He was dangerous, we both sensed that. But whose side… The silence held on for a bit longer, and the bounty hunter started to look a bit uncomfortable. “Shall we… go somewhere more… secluded? Where we can talk?”

I lifted an eyebrow. “Why should we trust you?”

“Well, for starters, I saved your life. And secondly, these corpes will be noticed. I don’t think you would want that to happen. These have a reputation and henchmen. But heck, you wouldn’t want to be seen at the corpse of one of the dogs of the Hutts.”

“Wait, what? They said that they were going to in the bounty with the Sith?”

“Double cross isn’t unusual, if the insane one thinks he could have gain something by selling you out to the Sith instead of the Hutts. But let’s not linger here. We don’t have to go away far, since I can see that you are quite uncomfortable with me being here. We can stay outside if you want, but not here.” The man emphasised the last few words with strength. My Twi’lek companion looked at me with a question. I shrugged my shoulders. The man was right about leaving this region of the city. Maybe even have a safe hide-out… for us as well.

We walked away from the scene and I radioed the other expeditions t  and contacted the crew that had remained at the ship. None of the groups has had any trouble as of yet, but this has put them on higher alert. Like we haven’t had enough problems as of yet. Blasted. We passed a couple of streets to get away from the slaughter, but we went through so many short cuts and bypasses that I lost track. Luckily, my wrist monitor would know the way back. Walls of sandlike stone,  stairs everywhere that houses the slaves of the powerful ones. And an incredible darkness and eeriness lay over the mostly slumbering city. Only the stars provided much needed light  in this area of the city.

We walked around for nearly ten minutes and I was fed up with it. I looked at the Jedi Master. She seemed more alert then I was. She probably could suspend her tiredness till a moment she could afford to handle it. I grabbed the bounty hunter to stop him, or at least speak up. The man turned around quickly. Almost as fast as I saw Osam move. He might be even more like a Mandalorian than he wants to admit. I let go of his arm and stepped back. “When are we there?” I demanded to know.

“Close now, my impatient friend.” And he pointed to a big building… It was another spaceport.

“Your ship, huh?” Arako’ant asked.

The bounty hunter nodded. “The most safe place I know. No bugs can be used, nor will anyone sneak in unnoticed, with all the security I have around my ship.”

We entered the hangar bay. A small, but though looking craft standing in it. Only a bit larger than most one pilot freighters. Low to the ground comparatively to most vessels, a couple of side guns and a frontgun that looked like it could rip through a commerce freighter with ease. Though sturdy, it didn’t look bulky. Rather streamlined, so that the sideguns would be to spin properly to give rear protection. I whistled in respect. A grin came on the bounty hunters face. “Yes, that’s my beauty. But you have experience with starships, don’t ya?” The man said with a knowing face.

I was on my guard again. “Why would you say that?” I asked.

“You have an air about you that most captains have. They have a keen eye for their ship, but are often coming across as arrogant asses.” I raised my eyebrows. Arrogant? “But you haven’t yet come across like an bantha poodoo type yet. But the night is young,” the bounty hunter said, half to himself.

Arako’ant now took charge. “Okay, we are here now. What do you want?”

“My dear woman, if you would only be so fast in other areas,” the man said jokingly. The Twi'lek woman turned red again. Okay she is shy.“Anyways, I want my reward for saving you. No, nothing indecent, if that is what you are afraid off.”

“Well if you want a reward, I first want a name with whom I am dealing with,” the Twi’lek woman responded with a hint of a flush on her face.

“How could I be so rude?” he said with a smirk. The man topped his hat and bowed to us with a mocking face. “My dear people, let me introduce myself. I am Jaramay Ordo.”
Arako’ants looked like she had heard it somewhere before. I tried to pin her face fast, without this… Ordo would notice anything. The man raised to his full length and was as long as I am. And probably a lot stronger.

“Why did you safe us?” She asked. The man shrugged and didn’t went into it. “My decision. Well, onto the reward. I want to join you.”

“Again, why do you want to join us?” Arako'ant asked with a bit more strength.

The man's voice turned a bit cold “Do not try to read my mind Jedi, you'll know soon enough. But I want to join your little adventure.”

I felt my mouth drop a bit and closed it fast. “Why in anyone’s right mind would you want to join us?”

“Because I want too. I need to have a bit of action. I have not seen that for a while, and…”

“Then what was that? We have just encountered? That was action.” I wasn’t entirely honest, but I didn’t want this nerfhurder tag along.

The man just laughed at me. “You call that action? You are joking about that scuffle, dude. I can see in your eyes you have seen far more than this as action. When I saw you handling yourself I knew you would get yourself out of that pickle. I see how you jump to your gun, flyboy. Your strictness, your stature. You smell Republic. And walking around with a Jedi doesn’t help you either to disguise you.” I raised an eyebrow. My Twi’lek companion intervened. “How did you know? I have covered my weapon and don’t wear my robes.”

“The way you move, lovely lady. And I saw your lightsaber when you turned around to look and check the situation earlier in the streets. Your confidence betrayed you.” No longer he used mocking and laughter. His voice was deadly serious. He knows the trick of the trade. “Why have you come to this planet, Republic soldiers? You both have a death sentence hanging over your head. And you walk around quite sure of yourself. Again, why are you here?”

“We need a new ship…and an archaeologist from this place.”

The man whistled with a painful look on his face.

To be continued…

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