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TOROcast – Episode 135 – Not Zombies

This weeks episode of the TOROcast the crew is joined by the winner of the site background contest Joshua G. of the Saints of the Old Republic guild.  You can stop by and check them out at http://sotor.guildlaunch.com.  This weeks episode we talk about the upcoming patch 1.1, discuss how we feel about new content and whether or not it'll make old content obsolete.  And at the end of the show we drop some great tips for you to use during your time playing SWTOR.  Download the show and have a listen.

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  1. I only had time to listen to a little bit of the last episode. I'll definitely be going back to finish, but I'll take the time to comment this week. 

    Good to see TOROcast back up. I was beginning to suffer some withdrawals without new podcast episodes.lol 

    Having played through Kaon Under Siege now, let me say the ambience is fantastic (though the Screamers make me want to lay the smack down on everyone I see). There is definitely a… "zombie" feel to it, but it goes much further than that as you all pointed out.

    Rakghouls – and Taris, really – are an integral piece in the SWTOR lore, simply because the creatures and the world they inhabited were such an important piece of the KOTOR lore. Making an entire flashpoint centered on an outbreak is a great move. The fact that zombie stuff is tight is just a coincidence…lol

    I will say, the big Rakghoul boss was a little tedious. He takes forever to die because of the damage buff, and he doesn't hit any harder. So instead of being more challenging by being beefier and hitting harder, instead he is just beefier and hits like a noodle – which means the fight can take upwards of 5 minutes to beat while the heals just spams abilities. Not challenging, just tedious. That said, I expect it's probably much different on hard mode.

    I also managed to finish up a run of EV on normal the other day, and plan to start setting my sights on hard modes and the new expanded Karraga's Palace. 

    Overall, I like patch 1.1. It doesn't solve all the issues (the new emergency Ilum patch illustrates that), but it did make things more enjoyable for me. The anti-aliasing, while not perfect, did improve things for me, visually. Plus, oddly enough, my rig handles the game even better with the new patch and anti-aliasing enabled. 

    Anyway, great to see the show back. Keep up the good work.

  2. I also just want to say, as the person in my group who jumped into the turret in KUS, it is MUCH better than my experience in Colicoid War Games. The turret was responsive, I kept back quite a bit of the Rakghoul waves on my own, and there was only one turret instead of everyone having to cover a different direction. There is no comparison between the two, imo (you know, OTHER than the fact that they both included a turret/turrets).

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