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TOROcast – Ep 139 – To the Knee

In this weeks episode of the TOROcast we discuss the community Q&A held on the official forums discussing the future of Star Wars: The Old Republic. We also started a thread on the official forums to try to convince BioWare to separate the color crystals from the power crystals. I mean no that anyone wanted to use the yellow and black crystal from the collectors edition but lets face it, the green and black core crystal from the Razer gear looks damn awesome. To help us move this thread along go here and post whether or not you would like to see it in game. (http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=295351) We’ve also announced that TOROcast.com will start featuring a second podcast titled TOR-ment. The podcast will be hosted by @kurtdedmon @nolcro and joined by various people of their guild discussing a more hard core take on the game. The first episode of TOR-ment will air this week after its recording Thursday night.

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Question of the week: What would your perfect 3 man arena team be in SWTOR’s coming ranked Warzone matches?

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  1. Bolster system? Baaaad idea. That would give no incentive for player to move over. The best thing would to give high XP gains to the underdog side. This would give people an incentive to level up a Republic alt on a low-Republic server. Stat bolsters would in serve only in pissing people off enough to just quit (like myself).

  2. hey guys love the show just wanted to let you know you can use the same gun and either hand.
    I would post two pictures but apparently I do not know how.

  3. mesostopheles@gmail.com

    Hey JJ,

    Just thought I’d throw it out there that we, as in the world as a whole; we are currently using what is known as the Gregorian Calendar.You can find more information here http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/gregorian-calendar.html if you are really interested.

  4. Here is a list of Blaster Pistols that can go both hands. (scroll down)


  5. Yeah I realized after the show I meant to say Gregorian and that Julian was the old calender (that ends in Sunday). One of the biggest drawbacks of doing the show Sunday morning is I just wake up before we record. So my brain pulls the facts but the names get crossed. I at least knew what I was talking about this time, albeit mixed names! lol

  6. I thought you could dual wield the same pistol. I vaguely remember doing it with the blasters you get off Coruscant with my smuggler.

  7. You can’t dual wield every one though, as you can see on that list, some are specifically main hand and some are off hand. There are a good deal of ones you can dual wield.

  8. anyone got the link to the comparative MMO features timeline referred to in this podcast?


  10. JJ, PROTON Torpedos. not Photon Torpedos.

    my gawd. I was yelling at you while listening to the podcast. 😀

  11. Kpants, come back soon; JJ gets yelled at more when you’re away.

    I’ll be back on the forums proper after the conclusion of http://www.explodingrabbit.com/games/super-mario-bros-crossover this game is amaaaaazing (gamepad recommended)

  12. Guys, my wife and I are almost at Social V. If you really want to grind it up quickly, repeatedly run Esseles on normal mode with 2 people and you’ll get approximately 140-170 social points per run, and at level 50, you can run through almost everything without killing anything but the bosses and you’re allowed to mount up inside the flashpoint… so it takes 20 minutes tops to spacebar and mash 1-2-3, and you get 200LS or DS or whatever per run.

    It really only takes a couple hours to grind per rank if you truly want to get to social X. I do wish that social was like Legacy and was merged across all characters on the server though, would make it a lot more fun than just grinding.

    As for the Ilum stats bolster idea; it wouldn’t work as the zone isn’t entirely PVP unlike Wintergrasp. There’s a large portion of the people in the zone who are simply working on their dailies and leaving without bothering the PVP portion of the map.

    P.s: Jedi wearing Trooper gear is wearing moddable gear with Strength mods in it. There’s lots of people doing it. Elara is wearing an awesome white hooded Jedi Guardian set and she’s all rank 56 Aim mods.

  13. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize we weren’t allowed to play ME3 in our spare time. Don’t be hatin’, just cause you’re jealous. 😉

  14. Hope that K gets healthy again soon. Im interested in that TOR-mented podcast. just to understand better how actual hardcore MMOers play the game. I can now officially call myself an MMO-player, but far from hardcore 😉

    What I find far more interesting, even though Bioware is against it at this moment (sorry, sir Bass, to disagree), and a more fair way of playing is to have cross server fights. In my opinion, if you would keep PvP against the server you are on, at a moment you can know that you will never be able to WIN a game. To keep on losing every PvP match because you know beforehand who the enemy is, is in my opinion a killer for a fun PvP. Its better to have unpredicetable matches, at least as far as it is concerned your enemies. Grouping with your guild for PvP however is understandable you know your team, just not the opposition. That would be a far more dynamic and on the fly fight then knowing before that you are going to lose.

  15. JJ, by this one comment you have redeemed yourself of any past factual errors.

    One the we can all agree on, Tim Buckley *is* a hack.

  16. Here comes my Germanic Studies nerdrage! (Just kidding, I’m actually happy that my 2 years of Germanic Studies in college comes in somewhat useful).

    The Sabbath being Saturday would make Sunday the beginning of the next week, wouldn’t it?

    Sunday became the day of rest for Christians because it is believed that he was resurrected on a Sunday (after being crucified on a Thursday).

    Sabado comes from the Latin Sabbatum, or Sabbath, but Saturday actually comes from Saturn, the Roman God/Planet.

    None of the English day names have Judeo-Christian religious roots, actually:
    Sunday – Sun (which was a Norse god, actually, named Sol)
    Monday – Moon (also a god, named Mani)
    Tuesday – Tiewaz or Tyr (Norse God of War)
    Wednesday – Wotan or Odin
    Thursday – Thor
    Friday – Freyr

  17. oh yeah my three man pvp group: scoundrel, vanguard, and sentinel all in pilot gear it is called ROGUE SQUADRON FTW (that is the full name, “FTW” and everything).

  18. Is it me, or does anybody else immediately think of the ship droid (in my case, Imperial) whenever Tom speaks? He’s just so cheery, pleasant, and British. If he finished every sentence with “, Master” I think he’d have a new job.

    Also, I really liked when Samm started podcasting from the beach towards the end of the show. 😉

  19. I’m rather scared now trojan. That you want me to call you master.

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