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TOROcast – Ep 140 – Train Wreck

The TOROcast crew is joined by our Background contest winner Josh from South Africa.  In this weeks episode we go over some of the new additions and changes in patch 1.1.3.  We discuss the Community Q&A, and we also break down next week’s patch, patch 1.1.4.  Thanks to Josh for the cool screen shot of Voss.  Which should be on the site shortly.  A few announcements this week be sure to tune in to our newest addition to the TOROcast family TOROcast Hard Mode (@ToroHardMode) with hosts, Dedmon, Nolcro, Tonight, and Sinic.  We’re having major problems on the backend of the site and we want to get it fixed as soon as possible for our listeners and fans.  This may put us offline for a day, we are also having problems with Podbean and may be moving away from them as well.  This will change the podcast provider which will in turn possibly screw up our podcast feed.  Stay tuned to our podcast social sites and as always check back to http://www.torocast.com for more information these situations.

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Question of the week – How many alts do you have, and would you play a class twice to try out the options?

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  1. Kpants quit!? Sad day…..

  2. Sam, I understand what you meant regarding dodge tanking.

    In Final Fantasy XI Online there are two main tanking classes. The Paladin is the typical meat shield. It mitigates damage taken with shield blocks, heavy armor, buffs, and self heals. The other tank is the Ninja. It maintains hate with dps and enmity generating abilities. The point of Ninja tanking is to avoid taking damage. The class uses it’s high evasion and a Ninjitsu spell called Utsusemi to avoid being hit. The spell (which comes in two versions) creates shadows, which when hit absorb the damage meant for the ninja. The challenge is to maintain agro, while keeping up shadows. This is a really dumbed down explanation of both classes, however, I just wanted to point out to JJ, that all MMO tanks are not the same. And no I’m not just busting your balls JJ, nothing but love brother. In conclusion, I think SWTOR, and all MMOs should have a more diverse set of tanking classes. Good show as usual. Sunday is my first work night of the week, I am glad to always have Torocast to look forward to.

  3. We have got to stop and think for a sec guys.

    TOR is a MMO that is out for 2 months, after over 3 years of development, BW is working hard to delivery new content and fixing bugs, path 1.2 is going to change the game for good, from PvP (new wz, deserter mechanic, Ranked PvP, etc) to PvE.

    Changes at the UI (good ones), Guilds (banks, etc), new races-classes combos, Legacy system, etc. After 1.2 there will be some features that other big MMOs out there have that TOR wont just yet. I understand that there are features that are not related with content like LFG (Dungeons and RAIDs), Achievments structure, “valentines day” events (no big deal for me, rly), addons (but I like the idea that there is no addons actualy), macros, but those things will be implemented in time.

    Lets look at the End Game of WoW for example (because there is NO GAME at all until lvl 85). There are RAIDS, Battlegrounds, Arena, and… and… Dailys?

    OK, the one thing that TOR does not have from those features is Arena right? So why the he*l do I keep hearing from the comunity and K PANTS (¬¬) that there isnt anything to do right now in TOR? What is missing? Arena?

    Because all the options from a end game content point of view that the big MMOs out there have TOR also have.

    If we dont like Flashpoints, have no interest in increasing the dificult lvls of PvE content, if we dont like PvP (that is much more fun in TOR then anyother out there) or rolling alts, we just dont like theme park MMOs at all.

    What am I missing?

  4. hey guys, sorry to disapoint but there at least one french guy listening to your show! :). keep up the good work.

  5. So with KPants gone does that mean Bioware will stop listening to suggestions? :3

  6. Alright sir, let me get this out there for you and everyone else. I am completely aware that SWTOR is only 2 months old and there are a lot of features still to come. However there are quite a few things out there that people like you and the others who have made this same argument need to understand. SWTOR was released in 2011 not 2004 when the MMO market was still young and fresh. This is 7 years later. SWTOR itself had been in development for six long years.

    The problem that I have with these features not being in the game is that BioWare took a lot of time on creating stories for 8 base classes that have amazing story which means nil once you get to the end game.

    The features that we complain about not being in the game should have be in already. They are expected in a triple A MMO. The rules for creating MMO’s now days is include things that are already familiar and add to it. Add more features that makes your MMO different from everyone else’s. With all the skills I have to use as a Shadow Tank I am a busy player, I need a Macro system to help me play. My end game right now consists of logging in (when I actually have time) doing dailies.

    Also: We have no confirmation that K has left the show, I have not had a chance to sit down and talk with him. BUT He has officially retired form the game.

  7. My fiancee and I started listening to the show about 3 months ago and love it! Its great stuff to hear working the night shift, we have each 4 characters (his main is a Juggernaut, and mine is an Sorcerer). We are enjoying TOR so much, and plan on rolling toons on the Republic side after we finish our Empire characters. I have had such a great time with my Sorc story I’m not sure I could go back and re roll. Great show, and TOROcast Hard mode was great as well!

  8. Dread Masters are the Sith Lords that were freed from Belsavis, (empire side).

    About content in SWTOR. Can try to explain all you want but it is just simply unrealistic to expect a new game to have the same amount of content that another game has thats been out for 7 years. I will agree there are things that should have been in launch, like a /roll and more polished raids, but you can not honestly expect a new game to have the same amount and the devs to have the same experience as a game with 7 years behind it.

    Having said that though, I still fail to see what is missing from SWTOR. People talk and talk that SWTOR doesn’t have enough of this or that but rarely explain in detail. Only thing I really heard in this show was about achievements. Honestly though that is mostly style preference, because SWTOR does in fact have the Codex. Only thing different from say WoWs is there is no points ( which have no real purpose besides e-peen) and there are not mounts or items you can get. But everything else is there, unlock, titles and the whole exploration factors.

    So bottom line to me is that the REAL issue at hand is simply a lot of you being brainwashed by WoW or w/e other MMO, that THAT is how an MMO MUST be and anything different is crap or just not good enough. Which is even more silly because (Irony check?) if it did have more stuff people claim they need then they would dismiss SWTOR as a WoW clone. Can’t have it both ways.

  9. @Pangscar I agree with you 1000% man!

    @SammMoney I understand that there are missing features at the moment Samm and I agree with you.

    But from a End Game “Content” point of view I dont understand what a triple A MMO have that TOR dont. We have FP, Ops and WZ, Ilum, dailys…

    What a WoW player does every day that we cant do?
    What a RIFT player does every day that we cant do?

    I believe K Pants is not having fun with MMOs anymore, like many other players 🙁

    But we want him back asap, at least for the show!!!


  10. Wait a second you guys are completely missing my point here. I am by no means saying we are missing content in the game. Shit I think there is too much content, so much that I don’t want to reroll a Consular Sage because of how long it took me to get to 50 in the first place (one day short of 2 months for those of your curious). So we’ll kill that bird right now.

    I could be completely wrong here but if I remember correctly each daily you did in WoW had different end goals. Instead of working in one area over and over again time and time again you went to different areas to work towards pets, mounts, costmetic bullshit that meant nothing to no one except people like me who like to flaunt their hard work and dedication to a game.

    I am well aware that this game has a codex which to me is just a second thought its not important, there is no reason to go look at it its just there for people who wanted just like achievements. They are just there, there is no way to look them up and find out how far you are from your goal, or look back and see what you did to get an achievement. I mean shit, can all characters even get all of the achievements. BioWare claimed no grind when SWTOR is nothing but a grind. Its a grind to prep for endgame, its grind for leveling, its all a huge grind.

    There isn’t one person who will convince me that this game has enough endgame when it should.

  11. Ugh… I hate the sound of my own voice. It’s really bad…

    Anyway it was a real treat to be on the show and despite not talking too much (mostly because of nerves) I honestly had a blast! I wish it could’ve lasted longer but all good things must come to an end 😉

    Aiming to reach lvl 20 by the end of tonight on that healer I said I’d roll for Thom (already on D.Kaas).

    @Samm Your 2nd character goes a lot faster than the 1st, especially if its on the same faction. I’ve noticed with all my alts it has taken less and less time. If you really want to try out a sage I say go for it! Take the opposite choices (light/dark) with your Shadow, it can actually make quite a surprising difference on how things resolve.

    I feel the content is fine personally; especially when Bioware is really hammering out the patches! I don’t think I’ve played an MMO at launch that has released this many patches so quickly.
    I’m not saying the game couldn’t use a few more bells and whistles like macros, UI customization (which is coming thankfully!), a better way to form groups (a global channel, or being able to list yourself for X flashpoint or Y operation or even Z heroic quest and what roll(s) you can perform), and so forth.
    But I’m quite pleased with where the game stands currently.


  12. @ Samm “There isn’t one person who will convince me that this game has enough endgame when it should.”

    Just curious to know how much is needed in your opinion then. 4 raids instead of 2? 6 Warzones instead of 3? 50 Hard Mode Flashpoints instead of the dozen or so now? More dailies? Is there an actual hard number that you would prefer or is it just that it doesn’t have as much as another game hence its not enough?

    Also not sure what you mean when you talked about the Codex. You certainly can look up and see progress of unlocks, for example each planet has several categorys of items with a progress bars telling you how many you have unlocked and how many there are to unlock, Lore unlocks, datacrons etc. So again to me it just sounds like the complaint here is it ins’t enough like WoW or WAR or w/e had so its not good enough.

  13. Alright let me put it this way. Flashpoints and Raids are fine. That’s great. There are what 2 or 3 raids. I’m not QQ’ing about that. What I am QQ’ing about is its the end game. Welcome to the end game now all you do is your daily grinding to run Hard Modes, then you run Hard Modes to run Raids. There is no point in crafting because its a complete waste of time up to 50 and beyond that again no other point. Achievements (for achievement whore’s like myself) there is no point in doing those because you don’t even know ho to get them. There is no specific thing in the codex that says. To earn the ewok killer achievement you need to kill 100 ewoks. Shit I can’t even go and figure out which mob to hunt because sometimes killing one mob will give me a codex entry, and killing 30 of them will give me one. So you never know.

    What’s the point of getting Titles to sport around town if you don’t know what the title actually does or how you got it. The only titles you know how you got was when you went light or dark sided during your game.

    I don’t expect this game to have as much content as WoW does now. Its two months old. But what I do expect the game to have is more for me to do at level 50 to keep my interest until this game does have as much content as WoW. Let me grind faction rep for rewards from factions. Let me stab babies for the baby killer achievement, but tell me how to get there. Tell me what type of grind I am going to have to do.

    Right now its a grind for gear to do hard modes to grind for more gear to do operations. And I get nothing else out of it. Give me an adventure that I can do every day with some friends for Social points (copy righted that idea) And I’m not talking about doing hard modes. Make it an hour long adventure to find someone’s child throw some mobs in the middle whatever. Make it give more social points then a Hard Mode or Normal quest just to make it worth while.

    Again I must not be making myself clear at all. But that’s what’s up with my thought process.

  14. “What’s the point of getting Titles to sport around town if you don’t know what the title actually does or how you got it. The only titles you know how you got was when you went light or dark sided during your game.”

    In the Titles section of your Codex it does in fact tell you how you got the titles.

    To me being told how to get an achievement kind of defeats the purpose. I MUCH preferred the Tome of Knowledge system that WAR used because it was more than just a list of progress bars and useless points. It actually told you the story of your character and the game world, oh and btw here’s a title or an item. It wasn’t ALL about the useless achievement points and fluff. Sorry , but yeah WoW really spoiled and/or brainwashed people.

    Only reason WoW even came up with achievements was because at the time WAR was being made and released info about the Tome of Knowledge, and Blizz are the pros at taking others work and making it their own.

    So yeah I agree the Codex was poorly implemented, I wish they would have gone the route of WAR. Glad its not like WoW’s but wish it was more like WAR’s.

  15. Spider-Man in Marvel Ultimate Alliance was awesome as a dodge tank. I forgot about the concept entirely until listening to this episode.

    As far as the rest goes…”GUYS Y R WE MAD ITZ MULTIPLAYER KOTOR!!!” said the st00pid n00b.

  16. We are not mad n00b, we are just realizing that TOR is a MMO and have the normal end game content from MMOs.

    Now lets go PP!!

  17. With them touting how much there would be to do at endgame for “single player” there isn’t anything other than the Ilum storyline which can be done in a day. I don’t count heroics because it isn’t new content. It’s boring content you probably would have run 5 times each (unless you’re Republic lololololololololololol) and the raids we get are short. I get that they’re short because they want everyone to do them, but when I can do both raids to completion in 2 1/2 hours with my guild including breaks, that’s too fast. At least reset the lockouts to twice a week instead of weekly if they’re going to be that short.

    Kaon Under Siege was a great start. False Emp and Battle for Ilum were a nice touch as well. Good level 50 flashpoints to set the stage for more story.

    But then what? I really hope 1.2 brings out more content for level 50s. It is set up to do it. But if all we get each 1.X patch is one single flashpoint, I’m going to be disappointed fast. Don’t tell me you have the Fourth Pillar but then forget to put it there for level 50s.

    If class quests were more prominent and world quests less so, I would have zero complaints because leveling an alt wouldn’t be a bore. I really do hope the legacy system includes an XP boost so you can skip world quests because otherwise the Fourth Pillar is the weakest and most crumbly one and all that is left is the same grind-MMO stuff that every other MMO has.

  18. I’m so confused. I keep hearing the same crap from some of my guildmates than what Samm is saying. When did running Hard mode Flashpoint or dailies or Warzones considered a grind? Anything you do more than once is a grind? Welcome to MMOs?

    I still enjoy doing flashpoints every night… my trooper is decked out in columi, 20k HP… and I haven’t even touched EV HM yet nor have we finished Karagga’s yet either… but I’m still having fun. The dailies are so quick and easy to do, it blows my mind anyone would complain about them.

    Anyways, I just don’t understand why people see doing content as “grinding” for the next step; Samm that’s the WHOLE point of MMORPGs. WTF? (No offense!) This isn’t new! You do stuff and have fun doing and you gather up the gear needed to progress up the PVE chain. This isn’t new… it’s what MMORPGs are based on.

    If you don’t like doing things more than once then it’s official; you sir, are burnt out on MMO’s. I remember running heroics for WEEKS, non-stop, every night, for hours every single night… trying to get some shitty blues to be able to start doing raids. SWTOR allows you to gear up so much faster than that and their FP’s are so much fun. (Beyond the bugs, obviously)

    Khaon Under Siege is so much fun ;d

  19. Well if your looking for on ppl frostclaw to do some HM flashpoints with Tom just give me a shout i’ll come and i’ll even make some of the other panta rei members come to 😛

    /w dreddon

  20. Pretty much what Xzen there said…wwlcome to MMOs yo. I’ve played almost every MMO out there from Ragnarok Online’s alpha to Everquest to Runes of Magic and spent 6 years on WoW to boot – The key is to not think about the grind. Do what you enjoy. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, why are you doing it?

    That, and having gaming variety keeps it fresh for you – throughout the years I’ve played all those mmos, plus a bunch of FPSes from tfc, to cs, to tf2, to l4d, to Endless Ages(an mmofps no less) and tons of shit in between like minecraft, skyrim, oblivion, fallout3, beat hazard, etc etc.

    That said, however…I’ve realized my limits of fun…that means I don’t want to bother with hard modes as far as raids go, instances are fine cuz they’re pretty short and if someone fucks up it’s easier to know who and why – in raids if someone fucks up that’s 10-20mins gone. So I’m content clearing normal raids to completion at least once and then farming it a bit, I have no aspirations of being the hardcor raider I was up to WoW’s Wrath expansion lol

    On that note Samm, get Dungeon Defenders. Me, JJ, and Phobos have been playing it recently with relatively fresh chars, you should join us. (And reply to my email about my swtor videos when you get time 😉 )

  21. I think what is burning out people more in this game than typical MMOs is because it doesn’t feel like an MMO til you hit the end. You’re having fun doing group storyline quests, nothing at all feels grindy but once you get to the end and pull away the story, BAM. It socks you in the face that it’s an MMO and full of the grind. I think it’s the shock that kills it for people. The story just suddenly is gone, the same story that has been with you every step of the way.

    Like I said before, that fourth pillar crumbles away at level 50, and for some people, it’s a cold shower.

  22. @joshuajames 10000% agree JJ.

    And it is not for some people, that shock hits everyone hard. But after 2 weeks lvl 50 we get used to the “MMO thing” again xD

  23. A grind is repetitive crap over and over again. If I were doing different dailies every night, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. But since I have to do the same shit over and over again every effing day its annoying and boring, give me different dailies each day. Make the grind not feel like a grind.

    I dread logging in and going to belsavis to kill a bunch of strongs and elites. I don’t have the time to grind I want to be doing fun enjoyable stuff when I log in.

  24. Everything is a grind. The issue as I see it is, that there either isn’t enough of it for some people and/or there isn’t the types they enjoy. Even if there are more things to do you will still end up doing them over and over. Repeating 5 things and repeating 50 things is still repeating things.

    It just keeps going back to IMO that some people are just simply burnt out of MMO’s and were expecting SWTOR to be some kind of genre re-defining game. The writing has been on the wall folks, this was always going to be an MMO, an MMO with more story aspects than before but an MMO nonetheless.

  25. Yesterday I went to Kaon Under Siege Hard Mode, best FP ever. But there are not many ppl to KUS, because that “wave of zombies” part is tricky and I believe ppl are afraid of the dark (Iron Maiden zm/). And today we have got the 1.1.4, cooldown text owns, next big thing dual spec!

  26. Sam.. that’s MMO’s… I know it might sound dickish as a reply, but truthfully and honestly, all MMORPG’s are like that… You do the same flashpoints, the same dailies, the same warzones, the same raids.

    What I don’t understand is people can play a 1st person shooter for years (hi counter strike) on the same 10 maps rotating and somehow enjoy PLAYING. Then people play MMORPGs and suddenly the same practice is considered a “grind” and “boring”.

    I enjoy the game for what it offers, I like doing Khaon every night, it’s fun, we try to skip stuff or pull without CC or do it faster than we ever have. We just have fun with it. I remember running AV and WSG for MONTHS, every day, for hours, and I didn’t see it as a grind, I saw it as having fun PVPing. The same can be said for raids… everything is a grind, everything is repetitive. If this doesn’t do anything for you anymore, then you’re burned out on MMO’s.

  27. Alright folks, we’re running around in circles. Let me make myself as clear a possible here. I UNDERSTAND WHAT AN MMO IS. I’ve been playing MMO’s for the better part of 7 years now. I know what is involved in leveling a character, I know what is involved with grinding at the end game. HERE IS WHERE THE ISSUE IS.

    My problem with SWTOR compared to every other MMO on the market (we’ll even go as far saying triple A MMO’s) is each set of dailies has a reward you’re working toward something other than just the piece of gear. And while I’m thinking about it. Please inform me of another MMO that has a grind like this (other than WoW) I didn’t grind Dailies in GW, WAR (but I only hit 20 before quitting) and I know for certain I didn’t grind dailies in EQ2 because crafting gear was useful even in raids.

    So with that said, lets go ahead and inform me of another MMO other than WoW that you would constantly do dailies ONLY for gear so that you could do instances, to get ONLY gear so that you could do raids.

    Then show me another game where the achievement system is hidden and you have no idea how to get your achievements even to the point where after you’ve gotten it you still have no clue how you did it.

    I’m not saying that Dailies are the issue, I am saying the reward for doing the dailies are a problem. It makes it a difficult task to do, especially for someone like me who has very little time right now to actually sit down and play.

  28. If you’re trying to get gear then doing dailies isn’t the way, at least not in SWTOR. Hard Mode FP’s are where you want to be. Not just from straight gear drops, but you’ll also get Tionese and Columi Commendations that you spend on gear. Dailies to me are simply a means to make some credits. I raid so most of my income goes to medpacs and repairs. Even with the daily commendations you get don’t get you gear, you can only really get mods for your gear, Implants and ear pieces and a couple of speeders.

    But yeah if you don’t have much time to play each session then you should be doing FP’s not dailies. Well to clarify doing FP’s and the FP dailys is the way to get gear. Only doing the Belsavis and Ilum dailies won’t get you very far.

  29. In response to Pangscar’s post.

    I feel that tryiing to use HM FPs to gear up is a bad way to go. Mods you purchase with Daily Commendations (Advanced 23s) are the same mods you would get from the Tionese gear in HM FPs. Columi gear pieces will only drop off the last boss in HM FPs, and only one at that (assuming you successfully reach the boss and down it).

    On the flip side…you only need 12 Daily Commendations to fully gear out a piece of armor in all 3 slots…out of 25 daily coms you can get per day. (Note: You can get 13 commendations every day from solo missions. The other 12 are from Heroic 2+/4 repeatable.)

    Plus they are you’re *only* non-crafting path to get Rakata (Tier 3) level implants and ear pieces. The daily quests are certainly worth your time if only for those.

    Now, that being said, there’s one path to gearing up that is not mentioned: Normal Mode Eternity Vault. The fights/gear checks in Normal Mode EV are easier than some HM FPs, and the gear is much better. It is designed specifically to be an entry level raid for gear and difficulty. You can easily clear it in an 1.5 hours. (1 hour of the group knows all the fights and has done it before.)

    So, Normal Mode EV is (at least in my experience):
    1. Easier that HM FPs
    2. Drops better or equivalent gear than HM FPs.
    3. Takes less time than HM FPs.

    The only downside is that it takes 8 people instead of 4, but it sounds like Samm already has a fair amount of 50s in his guild, and it’s very puggable.

  30. I’m sure we’re more! 🙂

    It’s so funny when you try to speak french!

  31. Depends on group compositions I guess. If you can only PuG FP’s than sure it might not be a good method for you. But if you’re in any kind of guild with half way decent players it should be no problem. If you are fresh from lvling you probably want to do some FP’s on Normal mode before doing Hard Modes. Best way IMO would be a mix of everything. Do FP’s, Do dailies, Do Normal mode OP’s. Its VERY easy to get gear in this game IMO.

    My main point though is if you don’t like the way the dailies are structured in this game, there are other ways to get gear and also that if your mainly relying on dailies for gear then of course its going to take you a long time and cause much frustration.

  32. Guys your are only looking at the PvE way to get some gear.

    Samm, my man, you should be doing PvP Dailys, in 1 week you will be FULL Centurion, that is enough to PLAY the end game (Hardmodes FP and Normal mode EV).

    I m Valor Rank 61 now, from rank 50 to 60 it is a MTF grind (damn you BW >.< ), that sucks, BUT I play warzones while I m having fun, when it gets boring I go do some Hardmode FP or play some BF3, and then a I go to bed, because I have got to "work work" next day. If you complete both PVP dailys you get 30 Centurion/Day. The weeklys gives you 45 each. As I said 1 week lvl 50 and you are FULL Purple itens. Plus FP daily you will be even more geared. Any carebear can do that, just look at me xD. Frankly I’m lvl 50 and just over a month now and I’ve never done a daily from Belsavis, those of Ilum I did three times. I have all slots possible at my cargo hold, my inventory, the vehicle that costs $1.500.000 from the VIP vendor and still have got $1.600.000 left. Also my waist is Rakata, from Crafting, my Sith Juggernaut is Synthweaving (server Veela).

  33. Stronghand that’s what I like to see. Eff the dailies go PvP I honestly have not sat down to play SWTOR since last Thursday with house hunting, putting in our bid, getting turned down, recording TOROcast, working late, and Recording Hard Mode. I haven’t had the chance to play and right now I want nothing more than to hop on hang out with friends and play the game.

    I’ve got another days worth of work to get the new site prepped for the transfer, and then probably a weeks worth of work to move the podcast to its new host. So there is a shizload of stuff that I have to do before I should even consider playing. But, I’m dedicating my Saturday after work to playing SWTOR this weekend.

  34. Yes we are, me and Tonight are!

  35. Stronghand definitely has the right idea for people that don’t want to do PvE dailies, or FPs. PvP right now is a great way to gear quickly to get prepared for endgame content with the PvP dailies. I geared up primarily through PvE FPs on my first toon, but am strongly considering going the PvP route with my second toon as I near 50 (46 currently), simply because it is much faster.

    That said, the new increase to commendations makes gearing up through HM’s pretty easy, too (much easier than it was before). If you do the daily, weekly, and win a roll for the Columi piece now and then at the end of the HM, you’ll be well on your way to a good purple set in a week (every drop from HM bosses is also sweet purple gear that is usually on par with Tionese).

    After reading your above comment, I can see where consistent dailies might not be possible with your current schedule. However, the weekly (3 HMs with 7 days to do them) rewards 10 Columi commendations, and 20 Tionese commendations each time now; if you can find a way to squeeze in 3 HM’s in a 7 day period, you would be in some very good gear before you know it.

    In regards to dailies, I’m in the same boat as Pangscar – I use them mostly to get some extra credits when I feel like I need some. Doing the full plate of Belsavis dailies can net you an easy 100k-200k+ credits, with quest completion credits, vendoring grays, selling random loot drops, etc. I rarely, if ever, used them for gear (beyond the implants) since doing HM’s consistently has gotten me to full Columi gear in fairly decent time. I just do them for some quick cash now and then, and also to get the 200 comm speeder bike I now use for my primary vehicle (a sweet, tasty, delicious red version of the one that drops in the Foundry after Revan).

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