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TOROcast – Ep 142 – We're Back A-Holes!

This weeks episode of the TOROcast.  The crew discusses what was found out about game update 1.2 from the SWTOR Guild Summit.

Correction to the show: We reported that the SWTOR Friends Trial only included the Origin Worlds.  In reality the Friends Trial includes, the Origin Worlds, Capital World, Fleet, War Zones and the first Flashpoint.  Apologies for our mistake.

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Hey there friends I am Samm 'Money' Carbo, owner of Twonk Hammer Entertainment, LLC. In March of 2009, along with a dearly missed friend I started a podcast some may know; The TOROcast based on Star Wars: The Old Republic, unfortunately that game was not a fit for me however I did not want to give up podcasting and reviewing games. Thus I started this site, and The Ban Hammer podcast. I am the proud father of currently one, work as a computer tech during the day, and a mail man on Saturday's as you can imagine my life is busy. Follow me on Twitter @SammMoney and of course follow us here @TwonkHammer.


  1. Haven’t listened to the show yet, but my biggest take away from the Guild Summit was how refreshing it was to hear the devs talk about the game being honest about the things they need to fix, and things that should have been in the game already. Think we sometimes take it for granted how most devs just give lip service and dance around the issues. Kudos to BioWare for taking the issues head on and addressing them publicly.

  2. Just started listening to the podcast, but wanted to say I’m really sorry to hear about your dog, Samm. My wife and I have 2 dogs (one of which we adopted like 1 month after we got married, in 2000, so she’s basically as old as our marriage) and they’re definitely part of the family. I know it’s tough to go through losing a dog like that. Sending good vibes your way.

  3. Great show as always. Sounds like things have been rough Samm. I am sorry to hear. My wife and I think of our pets as our children. I dread the day either of them pass. Hope things look up for you soon. May the force be with you. 😉

  4. Hi, I just wanted to say real quick Im sorry about your dog Samm. In the subject of TOR, its really hard for me to say it, but MMO players seem to behave like spoiled little kids nowadays, you guys demand that all MMOs that come out have all the feature that WoW has, and let me tell you right now, that’s never gonna happen so you might as well go back to WoW now or quit the MMO genre altogether. Its not JUST all the years they have as an advantage, but dont forget that over those years, millions of players have dumped hundreds and hundreds of dollars into that game, and thats why WoW has all the pretty little features you guys like. And you expect new games to give you all that right off the start and just pay $59??? lol

    Not even Blizzard itself can pull that off anymore, they just cut PVP from Diablo cuz its not gonna make it at launch, even when Starcraft 2 came out nobody liked battlenet 2.0 and they didnt even have a chat feature in the Lobby, content gets cut all the time, just deal with it. Is it gonna take swtor 9 years to get all that? of course not, but its gonna take them a few months, and yes, the ammount of content on every single game in existance is finite, so if you play everyday, eventually you wil run out of things to do, happens in every game.

    When Warhammer Online came out it had a bunch of features swtor doesnt even have, but all those additional features couldnt save WAR cuz the core game was broken, Im glad they took a different path with Swtor, focus on making a great core game and then build up on that, leave all the extra little features for later. Overall this might on of the best MMOs our there right now and it really gives you the biggest bang for your buck, I even dare to say that if you just consider US audience, and leave out China and Asia, Swtor is doing great to compete with WoW

  5. Sorry to hear about your dog, Samm. Losing a pet is a horrible feeling for all us owners, you definitely aren’t alone there. I’ll never forget the day my boy Bear died (big ass Chow, friendliest pet I ever had). I cried like a baby, I’m not going to lie. Animals have that way of carving out their own little niche in your life, and when they’re gone you just feel empty for awhile. It hurts less as time goes on, but you always remember them, and that is how it should be. Mourning time passes eventually.

    On the subject of SWTOR, specifically to do with 1.2, I am friggin stoked for the Legacy system over anything else. Mostly because I’m like an alt crack addict, and having to refrain from rolling them in order to wait for Legacy to see the system is AGONIZING. I like what I saw during the live stream from the guild summit, but even that is just a glimpse. I want to have the system at my fingertips so I can have a play and decide what I want to do with my alts.

    Hopefully the invite a friend thing continues past 1.2. I really think 1.2 is a great starting point for new players. There are so many great quality of life features coming. For one, aren’t they supposed to put in Sprint right from the start in 1.2? That, plus the clickable quest items, makes for a great presentation for new players. Also, my PvP fiend buddies will love being able to queue for warzones as a group of four. There are so many things that are coming in 1.2 that would leave a better taste in a new player’s mouth.

    Btw, Sorcs do get the ability to sap about 40% of their companion’s health. I can’t remember the exact health percentage, because my buddy is the Sorc, but I know he can sap the health of his companion.

    Tom is right: Juggs get back Saber Ward with their Heroic Moment.

    As for the state of SWTOR, I can see points made on both sides, Tom and Samm. Tom is right, SWTOR is a VERY successful MMO. 1.7 million subs (not box sales, hard subs) makes it far more than a niche MMO. It still has tremendous promise — more so than any MMO out there today. Even with some people (slowly) drifting away. Hell, I plan to resub when my current sub ends this month, and even I am considering stepping away until 1.2. Not because I think SWTOR is lacking, but because 1.2 has so many quality of life comfort features, so many systems I want to try, so many things that are primed to have a huge impact on my alt/leveling experience, I almost want to come in fresh again. I’ve reached cap with the two characters I wanted to level most — my main is pretty well geared, my alt is getting there — and now I am just waiting to see what 1.2 brings.

    Samm is known to be a “show me” type of person. That is well documented. He hated crafting until he experienced it, hated space until he saw it with his own eyes, and now wants to see tangible proof that SWTOR is moving in an upward direction before he champions its potential. I can’t blame you for that, Samm. That’s actually a good way to look at things. Still, 1.2 doesn’t look like it is going to be a run-of-the-mill MMO patch.

    Watching the live stream, and reading novels worth of info on the patch from every SWTOR outlet I could find, 1.2 almost seems like it is the game SWTOR should have been at launch. If that is the case, it is like getting a new beginning, as opposed to getting an ongoing patch.

    There is no way to predict how 1.2 will affect the subs. No way to know whether the pops will suddenly spike, or if they will continue to dwindle (though Iron Citadel is still going strong). All I know is, SWTOR still has the potential to be greater than what it is, because you were right in the podcast: the core game is good, it is just missing small, yet essential pieces of the MMO blueprint. SWTOR is kind of like a car that is beautiful, but missing some belts. The car still looks beautiful and those parts seem small, but the car doesn’t work right without them.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day. SWTOR has 700k more subs than WoW had after the 3 years it took them to hit 1 million. If Bioware hits the marks right, gets those small, yet essential features into the game, they have a better than average chance to continue the upward growth.

    People follow the content. WoW didn’t start with excellent content, or 10 million subs, they built up to it; SWTOR will have to do the same thing.

    That said, there may never be another phenomenon like World of Warcraft. Probably not even from Blizzard. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Titan comes out, does some good business, but doesn’t shock the world. I don’t look at World of Warcraft as a sign that Blizzard can always make game changers. WoW just hit that golden niche. For years and years there was nothing comparable to it and WoW was so far ahead — in overall polish — of Everquest and games of that generation, it was crazy. So here you had an MMO that was years ahead of its closest competitors, with no true contenders on the horizon for several years to challenge it for its spot. With no challengers, there was nothing to impede WoW’s ascent to pop cultural icon.

    There were some games that tried, however.

    When WoW started growing into a monster, everyone and their mother thought that putting out a clone of WoW was the way to go, but nobody really paid the cost to be the boss. You had an endless parade of MMO developers putting out games that cost a fraction of what Blizzard sunk into WoW. Developers that thought all you needed was the formula, not quality parts and people to manufacture the product. Bioware is the first MMO developer since Blizzard back in 2004 that has actually put their money where their mouth is — and 1.2 may be the first sign that the money wasn’t just earmarked into voice acting.

    1.2 is bigger than any patch I’ve seen in any other MMO I’ve played. I was a 4 year WoW player, and I came to expect things like new systems being part of expansions, not included in the very first real patch of an MMO’s life. Nevermind that we also learned during the livestream from the summit that new story content is on the way (same sex romances, among other things). Now that is REALLY not something I’m used to seeing in MMO patches. A new raid dungeon maybe, but new story content (not just dailies)?

    SWTOR is still in its infancy, but 1.2 is set to push the game in a huge way, for better or worse.

    We are all playing the waiting game right now. 1.2 can’t get here soon enough.

  6. RIFT is doing just fine and was able to include all the features expected of a modern MMO while still adding something new (the class system and dynamic world events) to the MMO genre at launch. It wasn’t perfect, but it is undeniable that RIFT had the best launch of any MMO title to date in both terms of being problem free and for having had the most fixes from beta. The feature list people complained that were missing from RIFT was horribly small compared to what SWTOR is missing.

    If these complaints were just about no ship customization and stupid crap like that, sure, I’d say they were entitled. But when you can’t even have an “auction house” that isn’t 150% retarded, something went horribly wrong on your focus. It seems like SWTOR was too concerned with being a single player game at launch and were going to work on the multiplayer aspects as they went.

  7. I cant really speak of RIFT launch because wasnt there, I know it did well and was a good game, I only played the first few levels on a trial and if I compare it with the first few levels of TOR, TOR wins hands down. The GTN has too many drop down menus, sure, but its really not a core part of your 1-50 leveling experience, at least as a Biochemist I could always find mats there. It would have been great to have a group finder for the Flashpoints, but its not like it was impossible to group up on your own. And I would never trade the unique leveling experience swtor has given me for those lazy-player features, specially since many of those features are already on the way.

    As a PVPer I can take the same stance as you and go “Well, when WAR came out it had about a dozen scenarios (warzones) and much better Open World PVP and mods. Why cant SWTOR do that, uh?” But I think we can all agree that overall swtor is better than War.

    Many features at launch+Broken Game < Less Features at launch+Solid Game

  8. Sorry about your dog Samm, my first dog went the same way (had 3 illnesses)

    As for the game, I’m a calmer version of Samm, I just dinged my second lvl 50 but I’m worried as I see less and less people on.

    I’m leveling an IMP now so I’ll be on TS so you might not see my on in game but I can log off my imp and help out with whatever anytime cause I like helping my guildies

    JKG Torment

  9. I am playing ME3, just finish ME2 to get rdy for it… and ME3 Ruuuuulez, waiting for 1.2, because knowing what 1.2 is going to bring makes 1.1.x a lot less fun…


  10. ShepardFreeborne

    So, being male and playing a female character makes me a creep? And, being on a RP server makes me even more of a creep? Be careful Samm, your bigotry is showing.

  11. 2 things.

    Listen to the British guy for all cooldown timers… he’s the only one that seems to have a clue, lol.

    2nd – Why have sprint if its granted at level 1? Because they don’t want in combat speed to be sprint speed.

  12. It’s pronounced Lore-ey. Two syllables. Chuck Lore-ey. And because this is CERTAINLY an issue all the gamers will be up in arms over…LET THE OUTRAGE AND GNASHING OF TEETH BEGIN!!!!! Mwahahahaha feel the hate flow through you, forumgoers!

    Also, I too am sorry bout your dog, Samm.

  13. You know a couple of patches ago, they reintroduced the chest in Outlaws Den…there’s 5 chest’s if i remember, each chest contains 20 merc comm’s & about 3.5k, so i go there to pick up extra merc comms to get to 1000 merc, 1000 WZ quicker

  14. I dont know man. By the same logic, if you go watch a movie with a female lead, that makes you a creep too!

  15. Actually, I’m playing two female characters entirly because I want to know how the world reacts to a female smuggler or a female sorc. Its actually quite funny to bitchslap the other at such moments, and not to stare at a female’s behind in game.
    Cause then i would be playing a female character in Mass Effect as well, and I dont.

  16. Everyone has their reasons.

    Personally, I have one female toon. A Smugger – and I rolled that only because Kath Soucie is the voice actress for the class and I am an admitted fanboi of her’s.

    Having said that, the Legacy is going to change a lot of my preferences in this area. The Q&A on swtor.com indicates that the devs know people want to be able to unlock additional character slots in the game. It apparently is not out of the planning stages as far as how it will be done, but at least we know they are thinking about the possibility. If/when that happens, I may actually roll some female toons simply because of the family trees and rivalries you can build through the Legacy system.

    After all, I fancy my Sith Warrior a member of a powerful Sith family, maybe even the head seeing as how the SW story ends (no spoilers from me).

    What good is being the head of a powerful family if you don’t have some concubines and consorts?;)

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