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TOROcast – Ep 143 – JJ's Internet Sucks

This weeks episode the TOROcast guys discuss this weeks community Q&A for Star Wars: The Old Republic and the official patch notes for what is currently available on the Public Test Realm for Game Update 1.2.  We had some issues with JJ’s internet. Hopefully it won’t be much longer before he’s found his own place with his own internet.

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Hey there friends I am Samm 'Money' Carbo, owner of Twonk Hammer Entertainment, LLC. In March of 2009, along with a dearly missed friend I started a podcast some may know; The TOROcast based on Star Wars: The Old Republic, unfortunately that game was not a fit for me however I did not want to give up podcasting and reviewing games. Thus I started this site, and The Ban Hammer podcast. I am the proud father of currently one, work as a computer tech during the day, and a mail man on Saturday's as you can imagine my life is busy. Follow me on Twitter @SammMoney and of course follow us here @TwonkHammer.


  1. I wanted to know Samm, how many new abilities do you receive when you hit 50? I’m a lvl 47 Jedi Guardian DPS and I believe I have gathered all my skills by now, or at least the majority. And I manage quite well with the skills i have with the left bar and the low bar up. I dont have all the skills, but that’s because I only have the skills assigned that I use for my Guardian dps. Maybe I am missing something… I use the 2 bars that are below (they could be a bit longer, but heck, that could be able to be done rather fast) and the left one. The only UI thing that bugs me a bit is that the questname’s use up the entire right of my screen. They are quite big, when i compare it with WoW (I did do trials). But that could be just me…

  2. Banath, you get alot of skill updates to their final tier at 50, and some classes(not sure if all) get a new skill at or around 50, so I wouldn’t think you’re safe just yet.

    Far as bars go, my Warrior uses both the bottom center ones constantly, and a couple of side ones(Trinket, Huttball Pass, Mounting, medpacks, skills I rarely use like the 3-hit Cleave), my Sorc primarily uses the bottomcenter but uses the side ones for Mounting/Medpacks/Trinkets, and my Powertech, oh god, he uses both center ones and a bunch of the side ones constantly in addition to the same extras mentioned on the other two. Some classes need them way more than others, and NONE of the three above have a handful of skills hotkeyed like the “Only usable when enemy is knocked down/incapacitated” skills among others.

  3. These are meant for companions. Yunn (Trooper) and Torian (BH) both use Techstaff and Techblade. This will be nice for the players that enjoy using these DPS companions but can’t get them good weapons.

  4. TOROcrew, go play on the PTS. I am dead serious. Go. Play. The. PTS.

    Forget all the cool features they’ve promised with 1.2. They are bitchin, but that’s not what hit me like Thor’s Hammer.

    The game plays like a fucking dream. I am not kidding. You will notice the difference the second you log in. I thought with all the new hi res textures the game would play worse, but it actually plays SO much better. I would say maybe 10% better on my system, even in crowded areas. The camera movement is smoother (no lag). The textures look beautiful in conversations. I played numerous warzone matches and even with people flooding the screen it played smooth like silk. I don’t know who was in charge of coding for 1.2, but they deserve a raise. I could not have been more impressed with how well it plays.

    Please, go see it for yourselves. My words won’t do it justice. You have to play it and compare it with your normal experience on live. It is fucking phenomenal.

  5. I’m currently downloading the PTS as we speak. I’m so very, very glad that performance has increased so much. Whether thats because of the small amount of people on the PTS or something they have done with the game. Either way its very encouraging.

  6. The population on the PTS is not that small. Even at middle of the night hours (US time), there were 40 people in the fleet, and about 40-50 on Dromund Kaas. When I was going through Hutta, there were about 120 people on the world, and I almost never had a moment where there wasn’t another person onscreen. We were all giggling like schoolgirls over how smooth it played compared to live.lol It really was spectacular.

    You may experience some sound issues. Those are the issues that most people are complaining about right now. However, I haven’t heard but one person complaining about performance, and that one person was just saying that he noticed a slight decrease in performance when he turned grass to maximum.lol

  7. What are your PC spec?

    I wish I could login PTS, I cant because when I select PTS the game starts to download —->11.65< ---- FREAKING Gigabytes... ¬¬’ I have to wait until april… =(

  8. If your just downloading the PTS then yea you get an 11 gig patch. After that the patches are smaller I believe.

  9. The computer I’ve been using to test on the PTS is an Asus Essentio, AMD Athlon II X2 220 Processor (2.80GHz), 4GB RAM, with an Nvidia GeForce GT 240 graphics card – which is nothing compared to some of the higher end rigs that some SWTOR players are running. That computer is above average, but not spectacular. So if it can run SWTOR the way it has on the PTS, I can’t even begin to imagine how the uber rigs will handle the game.

    P.S. – A lot of players with low end rigs have been ecstatic about their performance, as well. Especially now that you can control from the graphics preferences how many people are visible around you.

  10. Hey, I was just wondering where Sir Thomas was looking at the Legacy info…?

  11. All the legacy information was http://mmo-mechanics.com/news.php?article=1-2-legacy-system-preview I did mention the site on the show but it was rather quick.

  12. There were many inaccuracies in this podcast, and I normally love the show so it’s disappointing. First, they have made it very, very clear through multiple mediums that the Legacy is an either/or style unlock system. They flat out stated that you can EITHER get to 50 with a species to unlock it OR pay the 1.5 million. So yes Tom, they do intend people to be able to unlock every species. You could have 8 characters of 8 of the species and then pay for the last 9th specie. They created a system that people could go through the process to unlock everything OR they could pay the large sums early and get many of the features. I wish that you had accented more the fact that armoring can be taken out and the set bonus placed on new gear, the changes to pvp gear and that Battlemaster will now be bought with warzone Coms and the limit will be raised to 2000, and the changes to the warzone dailies and how medals and rewards work for warzones. And yes, Zoidstar can now be same-faction as well as Novare Coast.

  13. Is there going to be a Deserter mechanic in 1.2?

    If some MTF carebear leaves the match because he is a spoiled little child that does not knows how to deals with defeat is he going to be punished? Like 30 minutes without being able to join another match?

    Because if there is no Deserter mechanic there is no Ranked warzones, unleast the “queue solo” ones…

  14. @matrixchild Actually, you should go back and read the devtracker, because Georg clarified some things on the Legacy. Yes, it is either/or – to an extent. However, there will be things you can only purchase, but are gated by the Legacy system (for instance, no GTN unless you have high enough Legacy, but you still have to buy it), and there will be things you can only unlock via Legacy (class abilities). In effect, you WILL have to do conventional Legacy leveling in order to unlock everything. You can buy a decent amount of features, but to say you can buy everything OR level is incorrect – it is dev confirmed that you will not have access to some things unless you level Legacy conventionally.

    Here is Georg’s post explaining it: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?p=3401855#edit3401855

    As for races, they are making it possible to get Legacy through credits. That said, it is far more efficient to just level Legacy through conventional means, if the “1%” comment is to be believed. If 1% of the SWTOR pop has millions of credits, very few people are going to be able to buy more than one Legacy race at a time. The cheapest races are 500k (Cyborg and Zabrak), the rest are 1.5mil. Unless the prices go down (which is still possible), Bioware is giving the option, but sort of not at the same time.

    NOBODY is going to be able to buy everything via Legacy without some serious time investment. Even the wealthiest people would have trouble coming up with the cash to afford all the features. Just add a few of them up, you’ll be in the 3+ million credit realm so fast it’ll make your head spin. So yes, Bioware gave the option, but it isn’t as simple as going up and just buying some tic tacs. Right now, only those 1% players would have even a shot at affording to buy their way to Legacy nirvana.

  15. @JJ are/where u a big fan of Ace Ventura Pet Detective? I heard you express a couple of things like Jim Carey did in his first feature movie. (saw it this weekend again).

  16. I did read and agree that there will be some gated by legacy like the GTN on the ship. What i was stating is that from all their statements you can buy all the legacy races. I’m not implying they have no primary legacy level that stops you from buying. The inaccuracy I was referring to was that the races in particular will be both credits and level 50 when in fact they have made it very clear it’s either/or. The races can be bought or they can be unlocked by leveling to 50. They have stated again and again that you don’t have to do both and in the podcast that exact thing was under dispute. I’m not saying it’s easy or cheap, but they set the system up so that they could buy some and level the others to 50 and unlock them all. You are absolutely able to buy/unlock everything, as long as you are at the appropriate legacy level.

  17. @matrixchild What they said and what someone was reporting from the PTR are two different things. As we haven’t been able to get on to the PTR at the time of the recording, we went based on the indepth review from this other person whom posted pictures and all the details from the PTR.

    So yes, they -did- say you could just unlock it. And that’s why we were scratching our heads that the report coming from the PTR was listing that you had to buy it -and- meet the requirements.

    And as we disclaimed from the very start, this is PTR information, subject to change. Maybe right now on the PTR you have to do both. Will it be that way when Live? Maybe and maybe not. Maybe they’re testing massive money gains and need “money sinks”. Maybe this is their way of balancing the economy. We have no idea how all this new crafting will effect the credit flow. The credit flow was a huge topic of discussion at the Guild Summit.

    I would have said this on the show, but as you heard, my internet here blows ass and I could barely talk for 20 seconds before Skype cut me out.

  18. “PTS Patch Notes: 1.2 Updates 3/22/12

    – Warzones

    Players participating in the new Ranked Warzones will receive a penalty debuff if they leave ranked games before they are complete. This debuff prevents the player from re-queuing for a ranked game for a period of time. For the time being, we are not extending this to affect players participating in unranked Warzones. Leaving an unranked game will not initiate a debuff, and players who have the penalty debuff will still be able to queue for Unranked games.”

    That is what I am F*ing talking about, yaaaaay!!

    Ranked WZ FTW!

  19. That is a very good point, and I imagine we will see many things change once the ideas get tested more. Thank you both for your responses and I can’t wait for the next podcast.

    P.S. JJ I’m very interested in hearing your views on the changes to bounty hunter because that’s what I play myself.

  20. What is going on guys?

    I m rly concerned, first K Pants stop playing TOR and hosting the show, askajedi.com is gone, others fan sites about SWTOR dying as well, TORHardmode have gone missing and the TOROCast is not up until now (usually goes live at Sunday), whats is going on with the community?

    Not to mention the population on servers, at launch Veela use to have 180, now 90 (at Imp Fleet)…

  21. Don’t be alarmed. We’re just having some real life issues at the moment.

    K has stopped hosting the show because as you said he doesn’t lay TOR at the moment. Wouldn’t make sense him being there if he isn’t playing. I’m sure he’ll be back.

    Running a fansite/podcast is very expensive and we won’t deny that pre-launch the news that we got from Bioware was a lot more exciting and interesting. Because we knew so little. Its only natural for fan sites to close. They either want to play the game or find that TOR isn’t for them and stop playing. Its perfectly normal.

    TORO Hardmode as stopped recording again for real life issues. I can assure you they will be back once 1.2 hits.

    Also we didn’t record this Sunday because I was very sick. I lost my voice and was coughing non stop due to a chest infection. JJ couldn’t be there due to work issues. So we decided to cancel the show instead of having an hour of me just coughing.

    And finally population drop on servers is very normal for many MMO games. The only reason you notice it in TOR is because it shows you the number of people in the game. People leave the game because they’ve done most of the content and will normally come back when a patch is released. Again like I have said, its perfectly normal for MMO’s to do this.

    Hope this has given you at least a few answers.

  22. Ok, thx for the reply Tom.

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