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Guild Wars Cast – Ep 1 – Random Show

This weeks episode we have an important announcement.  TOROcast is no longer a podcast based on Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Frankly we’re sick of waiting for the game to get fixed with patch 1.2 and we have decided to create a Guild Wars 2 based podcast.  We hope you still tune in and enjoy the show.  New site will come in the near future after Samm moves.  Until then we will continue to use TOROcast.com.

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About SammMoney

Hey there friends I am Samm 'Money' Carbo, owner of Twonk Hammer Entertainment, LLC. In March of 2009, along with a dearly missed friend I started a podcast some may know; The TOROcast based on Star Wars: The Old Republic, unfortunately that game was not a fit for me however I did not want to give up podcasting and reviewing games. Thus I started this site, and The Ban Hammer podcast. I am the proud father of currently one, work as a computer tech during the day, and a mail man on Saturday's as you can imagine my life is busy. Follow me on Twitter @SammMoney and of course follow us here @TwonkHammer.


  1. LOL, omg… Best. April. Fools. Joke. Ever (that I saw today).:D

  2. Your Aprils fool actually confused me for 1-2 minutes! 🙁

    Mainly im posting, because you were talking much about the issue that there is not much player based content going on in TOR, we PvPers on T3M4 (German PVE Server) thought so as well, so we planned and started a PvP tourney happening on Tatooine, we had a live-stream which was saved, so if you like you can watch it here:
    Our thread for it you can find here:

    To the new awful looking endgame gear, it isn’t important, since you will want to have augmented orange gear anyway, and im with Tom here, its a good money sink which actually makes sense.

    On the money issue, i cant understand that at all im a PvPer and i also like questing and im around 7 Mill without any big effort, just doing Warzones give you a lot of money over time since you dont have repair costs, daily´s give you very much money without much effort.

    I am following your pod-cast since game-start, i rely like it, so keep it up please!

  3. I cant believe you got me with that Aprils fools joke…

    And I dont have a problem with the show not being 100% about TOR at all, there are already shows (The Republic from gamebreaker.tv) that are all about TOR, talking about something else sometimes is more fun. Mostly when there isnt many ‘news’ like this weekend.

  4. glad I read the comments before nerd raging

  5. Here you go guys. I am a hardcore casual. You have inspired me.

    Suck at PVP! Like a casual!!
    Level 50 wearing greens! Like a casual!!
    Go AFK in an Op! Like a casual!!
    Sorry guys I have to stop! Like a casual!!
    Gear up aim instead of strength! Like a casual!!
    Roll need instead of greed! Like a casual!!
    Get lost on the fleet! Like a casual!!
    Don’t know how to pass party lead! Like a casual!!
    This song is for you and me! Like a casual!!
    Unsub and play GW2 for free! Like a casual!!

  6. “Unsub and play GW2 for free! Like a casual!!”

    That is not true, being a casual does not means that we can not play a sub based game and have to go F2P… =P
    Neither “suck at PvP” (just look at me and Samm, btw killing lowbies is not a n00b casual thing, that is just fun xD).

    Fixing it for you:

    “Suck at PVP! Like a casuall!! (n00b)
    Level 50 wearing greens! Like a casual!! (true)
    Go AFK in an Op! Like a casual!! (true)
    Sorry guys I have to stop! Like a casual!! (true)
    Gear up aim instead of strength! Like a casual!! (n00b)
    Roll need instead of greed! Like a casual!! (a-hole)
    Get lost on the fleet! Like a casual!! (n00b)
    Don’t know how to pass party lead! Like a casual!! (n00b)
    This song is for you and me! Like a casual!! (absolutely… not!) u.u
    Unsub and play GW2 for free! Like a casual!!” (broke person only)

  7. Sry Ian, when I said ‘n00b’, I didnt mean your nickname >.<
    I mean newbies like JJ… I mean new comers to TOR that dont PvP…


  8. This little ditty was intended as a joke. Apparently, I forgot that the internet is serious business. The force is not strong with me. I will try harder next time I post on ToroCast.com. 😉

  9. stronghand — Haaa well regardless now you know how to summon me.
    kappordm — THE SERIOUSEST. Also, it’s TOROcast, what with the caps and all. XD

  10. also if i was really clever i’d have changed it to “like a darth” and wait-a-minute there’s an edit button.

  11. Say n00b three times and OH WHAT THE CRAP IS THIS.

    That song has far too many syllables. It would never work if you plugged it into the original music. Here:

    LOGGIN IN like a darth
    ACCEPT GUILD REQUEST like a darth
    DO AN OP like a darth
    REMEMBER BIRTHDAYS like a darth.
    CHECK THE MAP like a darth
    BIO BREAK like a darth
    YELL AT DPS like a darth
    USE THE FORCE like a darth.
    HIT ON TWI’LEK GIRL like a darth
    GET REJECTED like a darth
    SWALLOW SADNESS like a darth
    KILL SOME MOBS like a darth.
    CALL SUPPORT like a darth
    CRY DEEPLY like a darth
    DEMAND A REFUND like a darth
    EAT SOME PIZZA like a darth.
    GET SUSPENDED like a nolcro
    NEED HIGHER LEVEL like a darth
    TWO LITER MOUNTAIN DEW like a darth
    SLAP THE TWI’LEK GIRL like a darth.
    BUY GUILD WARS 2 like a darth
    INSTALLATION like a darth
    UNINSTALL like a darth
    CHOKE THE TWI’LEK GIRL like a darth

    etc etc. I dunno that I can rework the rest of that song for a front page forum post where I have to be at least semi-appropriate and whatnot. But that’s the basic gist

  12. TBH, too bad this was just an April fools joke, would love to see you guys cover GW2, cause lets be honest SWTOR is a let down.

  13. “A let down, a Lightsaber can never be” – Yoda

  14. Just like to say that I’ve never thought SWTOR was a let down. Sure they could’ve done some things better but overall for me the game is great fun and a success.

  15. Verily, Master Yoda and Sir Thomas hath spoken. May the Force be with us, everyone. Amen.

  16. I would only consider SWTOR a letdown if I actually believed it should have released content packed. I didn’t, nor will I expect it of any other MMO that releases, including GW2. MMO’s take time to grow and nurture. Kinks have to be worked out, content has to be created and successfully implemented. Let’s not count the chickens before the eggs hatch, seriously.lol We are only about 4 months into this thing. We still have more to see – world events, holidays, expanded PvP and PvE features, Legacy, customizable UI, the continued maturation of the Crew Skills system, etc.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    As MMO launches go, I was actually impressed with SWTOR’s. Imo, it is second only to Rift on launch stability. While it did (and does) have some issues, MANY of them were knocked out in the first few months of release.

    1.2 is going to continue that trend. I don’t know about everyone else, but I noticed a significant fps improvement on my end while testing the new patch. If that improvement carries over to live, I think a great many people will be pleasantly surprised. Even as a former hardcore PvPer in other MMO’s, I haven’t touched warzones much on live because of the fps issues. On the PTS, I played, on average, about a dozen matches per day on my operative. I had the tiniest hiccup of fps issues, and only when I had played for an extended amount of time. Otherwise, it played butter smooth, even in the midst of large crowds. (P.S. – Novare Coast, the new WZ, is friggin sick. It is wicked.)

    The game we have now, and the game it will be in months, will probably be so different it will be laughable. Even 1.2 feels like a different game to me. Being able to move my UI around to suit my play style makes a huge impact. Maybe that is because SWTOR is going to be the only MMO that I’ve played that allows me that level of customization without the use of addons that suck up resources.

    In any case, growth takes time. That goes for all things, least of all video games.

    SWTOR is no different. It needs its growth time.

    Unfortunately, gamers aren’t known for their patience.lol

  17. One thing I noticed yesterday at the PTS was to open my inventory did not messed up my fps, the UI seems much lighter and optimized right now, thats is great. An about performance on WZ, I agree with Jaramukhti, and Alderaan is much better now. I dont know if live will be like that, if it is not going to be like that then I play PTS forever… xD

    And I wish BW can make TOR be multithread, because the use of my processor (C2Q 2.66GHz) is at most 50%, so much potential wasted >.< Lets hope they do that in the near future… 1.2 > 1.1.x

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