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TOROcast – Ep 148 – Just the Two of Us

On this week’s episode of TOROcast Samm and Tom go off topic once again talking about games they have been playing this week and why taking ten seconds to reload a gun is so awesome.  But fear not for we touch on some important SWTOR news and suggestion’s on what we can learn from the Rakghoul Event and World PvP.  Its a up close and personal episode.

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Hey there friends I am Samm 'Money' Carbo, owner of Twonk Hammer Entertainment, LLC. In March of 2009, along with a dearly missed friend I started a podcast some may know; The TOROcast based on Star Wars: The Old Republic, unfortunately that game was not a fit for me however I did not want to give up podcasting and reviewing games. Thus I started this site, and The Ban Hammer podcast. I am the proud father of currently one, work as a computer tech during the day, and a mail man on Saturday's as you can imagine my life is busy. Follow me on Twitter @SammMoney and of course follow us here @TwonkHammer.


  1. I play on Veela East PvP (the Mos Eisley Radio Commu server), my main is a Sith Warrior 50 but I am currently leveling a Trooper 28 (name is Trollper *-*), a BH 22, Agent 24 and my Inquisitor 19 because I do not like grind as much as Gabe Amantangelo does (and there is no Ranked WZ yet).

    What I can say about Veela’s population: back in January I have seen 2 Imp Fleet Intances because there were 200+ players. Now at Imp Fleet there are about 70, thats ok. At the pub Fleet there are about 35, that is not much but ok.

    I believe that the problem about low pops affects the most the lowbies because there is no way you are going to find people to run FP, and playing my Trollper I can not do Heroics quests, that is not the ideal situation, but whatever, we have got to deal with it until server tranfers.

    The pops is lower, yes… but that does not means TOR is a fail, that means that TOR is a sub based MMO that is 5 months old, and BW is working to adress that issue.

    BTW, I am looking forward the new TOROcast contents Samm.

    • Agreed, Stronghand on the population issue. Every MMO has this peak and slowly deflate post-launch population phenomena. There isn’t one MMO out there that has avoided it (not even WoW – they just managed to get some of that pop back with future content patches and when the myriad of bugs were finally worked out post-launch). I don’t see any MMO avoiding it in the future, either.

      Gamers can’t be satiated.

      Most of us here are gamers: someone tell me I’m wrong.

      The issue isn’t one that can be solved – by that I mean, there is no way to create enough content that rabid fans won’t consume within a month or two of launch. It can’t be done. SWTOR is seeing this phenomenon now, TERA is going to see this phenomenon later and so too will GW2. It’s just a part of the lifespan of a game. The thing to watch is whether or not SWTOR can do that “something” that brings people back on a long term sub basis like WoW did back in the day. Imo, it can be done, but Bioware may have to rethink some things before all is said and done.

      Gamers consume content at a mind-boggling rate. No game company could ever hope to feed that monster enough to make it full. I never expected Bioware to find a way, just like I don’t expect ANet or anyone else to find a way (from what I heard from GW2 beta testers, they were already seeing that dynamic events are not likely to stay fresh beyond the first month or two. There are, after all, only a finite number of variations the events can have before you’ve seen all there is to see).

      All you can do is create enough content to keep a good portion of your sub base nibbling on something, then work like madmen on the next meal. 1.3 is the next meal, and I would be willing to bet money that the pops will spike again when it arrives. That’s just an MMO for you.

      On a personal note, I am waiting eagerly for one addition coming out in 1.3 that may have the biggest impact on how SWTOR does in the coming months: group finder.

      I cannot wait for group finder. I remember how glad I was to have it back in WoW, even with some of the negative aspects (ninja-ing chiefly, but I also disliked how detached you could be from people because you often never saw them again). It is just an awesome convenience feature that allows you to get into the content you want relatively quickly.

      It was also a Godsend because my server in WoW was far from a high pop server and the grp finder drew from a pool of several servers to make groups more quickly (my server in SWTOR probably has 2x as many people as my old WoW server did, and Iron Citadel is nowhere near the heaviest server in NA).

      • If they had Yoda Species avaible SWTOR servers would still be full…


        Jokes apart, I believe many people left SWTOR because of many reasons, from “lack of content” to “old mechanics (theme park MMOs, read ‘WoW in space’)” or performance issues, or because it is a sub based MMO and many kids doesnt have Visa or Mastercard just yet.

        So if SWTOR really make it to 1.700.000 players at some time, that was a natural and temporary “anomaly”.

        Lets say that number now tends to be around… ahh, I dont know 700.000 to 900.000.

        Lets say BW puts out another 3 OPs and 4 WZs… they are not going to make it to 2.000.000 subs just because of that.

        At that point, the post internet hype moment, BW needs to develop a system that alows people change servers, since none of us believe they would be merging servers anytime soon, implement cross server system with group finder so we can be a active community playing in “active” servers, with a good economy, with many guilds, etc.

        Just a few months and we shall be good again.

  2. Hearing you two compare to how cold it is makes me want to punch you all the way from here in Florida.

  3. I honestly am not worried about the population. I plan on playing the game for many years, and as long as there are enough people to gather for Ops and heroic FPs I will have no problem staying on my moderately populated server.

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