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TOROcast Live show.

This Sunday’s show will be TOROcast’s 150th episode.   As a special treat we will be recording it live at 1pm Est/ 6PM BMT on the Twonk Hammer own3d live stream channel http://www.own3d.tv/TwonkHammer

As an extra treat we will also try and get the webcam’s up and running so you can see Samm’s lovely face.  But no promises.

More details about the event will be posted soon.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Lol that reminds me of Pax East last year, first time ever in a convention, ended up being sick as hell. Saw a picture of what samm looked like someway some how a long time ago, dont know why it stuck with me.

    Was waiting in line to play TOR (the reason I came to the convention all the way from Memphis) and saw Samm walking around with that big ass mike and said, Hey Samm! (sees bewildered WTF look on samms face) Yeah, Love the podcast! Shakes hand then gets back into line. Still loving both the podcast and TOR.

    -Random Convention Atendee 1453 by the name of Antithesis/Sean G.

  2. It may just be me, but the site and my computer have reached a beautiful equilibrium. I had no trouble logging in to post this message, the pages loaded at the speed to which I have become accustomed, and it is very easy to navigate (and nice on the eyes, as well).

    Grats on 150, TOROcast.

    I’m looking forward to being around to see where it goes in the future.

  3. In advance Samm, congrats on the 150th episode, Im happy that I am part of this great community 🙂

    What i wanted to ask maybe as a discussion topic for the 150th episode, because I think I won’t be there to chime in, is something I heard through TORwars Jedi Council podcast. They coined the following about the DPS tracking etc (forgotten the right terminology, me noob i know). Maybe Bioware didnt want to use this because this MMO isn’t based primarly on the Tank/DPS/Heal idea, but you being invested in the game’s world and story. And that they didnt want people to be kicked out of guilds based on a certain class isnt putting out enough DPS etc. As a sort of protection of players that want to have their Star Wars experience, and not being limited by the WoW-mentality towards classes and people that want to pick a certain character and are not allowed then to enter a guild.

    I hope I am making myself clear enough… Let me know if it isnt :p

  4. SWTOR is heavily based on Tank/DPS/Heal in fact that is one of the things that pissed people off the most. They were looking for something new, something fresh, and new outlook on the time honored trinity system.

    The biggest difference to BioWare’s Trinity is: with the use of companions one is able to survive the outside world to better benefit the player. So where ever you heard that the game does not rely on the Trinity is completely wrong.

  5. No the Trinity itself is still intact, but rather that you HAVE to be a certain class to be allowed to play in an Operation with a hardcore guild. That by removing the option to see how the rotation goes with everyone, that you cannot kick people out, because you simply cannot see how they were rotating. (at least this is how I understood it, and I think that I didnt manage to write it down proper)

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