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No TOROcast Episode this week.

Hello all.   Due to the lack of information and discussion about SWTOR this week Samm and I have decided to skip doing a show this week.  We are planning on taking a real hard look at the show and where it’s going.  Fear not though, we will be back next week.


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  1. What you mean lack of information? Chelsea is the new bloody winner of Champions League, Bayern manage to lose… there is nothing new at TOR?…


    yes, not much to talk about…


  2. While i understand I am really sad as this is probably my favorite SWTOR podcast. However I think you guys do need to stretch out. Not even the big WoW podcasts go every week only talking about WoW. Diablo 3 came out it’s ok to talk about other games or if you can’t then go talk about Star Wars or other geek related stuff. No one is going to fault you for doing that during the slow period in between patches.

    What did you guys talk about back before the game came out when there was nothing to talk about?

    • We bullshitted a LOT of stuff about SWTOR. It’s easier to talk about a game that isn’t out because you can make wild assumptions and people want to ask questions and all that.

      Now that the game is out, it’s pretty black and white, and you can only stomach “in the near future” from developers so much before you give up on speculations.

  3. I had a feeling that this show was gonna kinda stop anyway, Do any of you still play it for more then 3 hours a week?

  4. It might be better for the future of the show if you guys didn’t do a weekly podcast. SWTOR is still so young with most of the content still in the future. I try to imagine finding enough stuff to talk about weekly and I can’t do it. There just isn’t that much to talk about right now (as you know).

    Once every other week, or once a month, would be fine for this show. At this stage in the game’s life, that is about the length of time it would take for news to build up to the point it would necessitate conversation. Articles and editorials would be good to focus on in the intermittent weeks.

    • I still play fairly regularly. About 2-5 hours a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I agree with a lot of people though that the game is still very young and needs time to mature.

  5. OK, here is the deal.

    We all know that talk about TOR once per week is too much right now, but I DEMAND Streams/TORPlay videos where Samm, or Tom, or JJ, playi some f*ing BF3, no excuses.


    Go Twonkhammer!

  6. To be honest, I don’t mind if you guys talk about some random stuff. There is absolutely nothing going on in SWTOR right now. Just more promises and small things that no one gives a shi*. I enjoy listening to TOROcast, even when the whole show is made from 20% of TOR and 80% of random things. Keep up the good work.

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