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SWTOR Loses Key Members

Over the last three years TOROcast has been following Star Wars: The Old Republic rather closely. Members of our team have gone to many conventions interviewed many of the SWTOR team and made friends throughout BioWare Austin. The news of yesterday’s layoffs hit us pretty hard and although we don’t know the full list of employees who were terminated a few that we do know we would love to recognize.

Firstly, Stephen Reid, after taking over for previous community manager Sean Dahlberg, has kept the SWTOR community on the edge of its seat for a bit over a year and a half.  The work he has done with/for the community cannot be described and no one can tell you how thankful we are for what Stephen did. For those of you who never had the pleasure of meeting Stephen, he is the type of guy who has the hard exterior with with that sweet soft center. Stephen ran the community team like a tight ship and any company who picks him up to do anything remotely related to a community managers position will do nothing but benefit from him.

Brian Arndt; we did an interview with Brian done by his (at that time future) underling Brandon Miletta at E3 back in 2010. Brian created various videos including game trailers, developer dispatches, time lines. It was always nice to see Brian during conventions because of his friendly personality. If you aren’t sure who he is, perhaps if you were at one of the PAX convnetions would you remember the tall gent carrying the camera taking pictures or video taping people playing the game.

And finally because she is such a dear friend to those of us here at TOROcast. Alyssa Gobelle. Many of you are probably wondering who the hell she is. Well to sum it up, she designed the original Holonet for the SWTOR website. After our first podcast Alyssa became pretty good friends with the staff at TOROcast the only thing we ever held against her was she was very tight lipped about things going on with SWTOR. I’m kidding we never held that against her. I can honestly say that I am thankful to have made a friend out of Alyssa, she’s always a pleasure to see and fun to be around.

Many jobs were lost at Bioware yesterday and unfortunately we do not have a list of everyone who went. I can say this though, we here at TOROcast wish the best of luck to all who lost the jobs. If any of you go to another company I have no doubt in my mind that you will be a huge asset to the company you choose for.

On another note, I have to pass off a big screw you to EA for taking such a large chunk (regardless of who they were) out of the SWTOR team. I can’t say that I’m surprised they did this, its EA for heavens sake. It is the personal opinion of this podcaster that the EA company itself is back on its downward spiral back to where they once were when I hated the company. Please EA get your s#!t together and put gamers back at the top of the company instead of moronic business men.

I read an article yesterday that stated Nexon made and offer to buy the massive gaming company. Nexon, if you can believe it, the thought still shocks me.

Enough ranting, losing a job sucks all around especially losing a job working with a company you love. Again good luck to you all, we wish you the best. I’ll be having a drink in your honor tonight.

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  1. Wish them all well! Saw a few of them at Pax East last year and each of them seemed very passionate about their job and the game. Went to play tor and see the staff, know this guys, that you all still have a very special place in my heart for working with (IMO) the awesomeness that TOR is.

  2. First off I wish all of the team members the best. No matter what is said or done companies always find reasons to justify their actions. Doesn’t make it right or fair.

    I hate to see people get pushed out. If there was a problem then I can understand it but at the same time I don’t see why and after reading the explanation on another page I have to admit I am still lost. It just seems like a bunch of corporate redirect. EA lost me a long time ago and I was all out to forgive them with Warhammer and was disappointed then again with TOR more so. If they start trying to rip us off for “DLC” mini transactions like buying raids and what not I am done. Expansions I am fine with. Just make them worth it.

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