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TOROcast – Ep 151 – The Bright Side

This week’s episode was an interesting episode to record.  Tom and Samm discuss the future of game update 1.3 and break down this weeks community Q and A which was also focused around Game Update 1.3.  Some very important information regarding the future of the TOROcast podcast can be found at the end of the show.  Please be sure to listen to what we discussed.

About SammMoney

Hey there friends I am Samm 'Money' Carbo, owner of Twonk Hammer Entertainment, LLC. In March of 2009, along with a dearly missed friend I started a podcast some may know; The TOROcast based on Star Wars: The Old Republic, unfortunately that game was not a fit for me however I did not want to give up podcasting and reviewing games. Thus I started this site, and The Ban Hammer podcast. I am the proud father of currently one, work as a computer tech during the day, and a mail man on Saturday's as you can imagine my life is busy. Follow me on Twitter @SammMoney and of course follow us here @TwonkHammer.


  1. While I absolutly hate that Samm has come to the decision to step away from the podcast (As I love your brand of humor, badassery and honest and open opinions of how TOR can improve), I completly support your decision Samm to step away and I would do the same if I had recieved alot of viewer discontent about the amount of playtime invested.

    However I personally do not find that as an Issue and find your presence on the podcast to be the main reason I listen (no offense tom, you are a badass podcaster as well :-p) and I am sorry to say that out of the classes i’ve played (Knight, Inquisitor, Warrior and Consular) The Consular class story was the weakest.

    Thing is, it isnt like you have had much time recently to play, and now that youve been away from the game for so long and due to certain server low pop caps you’ve lost the feeling of fun from TOR. While I personally still love TOR to death, I agree that prehaps the podcast should be run by people who still play.

    That said, the show could still use you as an outside opinionist, looking at the game having been outside of it for some time and when the new mmo’s come out prehaps adding more suggestions on their mechanics for TOR from time to time. I do not feel as if your presence on the show is time wasted, to the contrary, it is always entertaining, you have a real talent for vocal projection and humor.

    Two quick questions

    1 will the TOROCAST site be merged with TWONKHammer.com?

    2. will the now lack of scheduling conflict between your work schedule and JJ’s mean a possible return of JJ in the future if he still plays?

    Finally, thank you again samm for being the comedic and badass voice for TOR, the TOR podcasting community will be the lesser for your future absence from the podcast. I am hoping that with future “super servers” (either new servers that people can transfer to with a higher pop cap or server merges) will provide a healthy and productive server community that you can transfer your toon to if and when you have the spark to play TOR again.

    Farewell Samm, and looking forward to you ninja dropping in from time to time on the show. Oh and Tom, it is now time for you to take the mantle of Darth from your master, I am positive that you will bring an even more glorious era for the TOR Empire. 🙂

  2. Tom I am interested in your life

  3. “While I absolutly hate that Samm has come to the decision to step away from the podcast (As I love your brand of humor, badassery and honest and open opinions of how TOR can improve),”

    Yaaaay Samm is steping away and JJ is coming back!!!


    Get the F* out here Samm, and do not come back until 1.5!!


    But seriously, if you are not enjoying the game neither podcasting about it right now it is the right decision… but bring JJ back… *-*

    BTW: f* the drama that we, SWTOR players, come up from time to time, it is a young MMO and that is it, we deal with it if we want to, or we leave for a while.


  4. @Greg

    Honestly it has nothing to do with not playing SWTOR, I know there are other podcasts out there who’s hosts do not play. I’m the only one who is openly willing to admit it. The majority of the fansites have and will continue to lose interest in the game. Every one that I occasionally chat with have all stated they have either stepped away, or plan to step away but continue to podcast.

    I made my decision for two reasons…

    Reason one. Twonk Hammer

    We are ramping this site up to be something great. Less Twonk Hammer itself and more the Twonk Hammer brand. We’ve been doing some live game play on the weekends just sort of screwing around with the idea. Trying to get a bit more comfortable into the flow. I still have every intention of doing THE Dualing Smugglers with Tom.

    Reason two. Empty servers, I’ve logged in quite a few times over the past few weeks hoping to see someone on to play with. Unfortunately, there isn’t anyone. And I’ve been having problems just giving up my level 50 to move to The Fat Man to find others to play with.

    I do not plan on leaving the show until we find someone to sit in. And while I beat the shit out of SWTOR, I’ll say this now. I’m not counting the game out yet. I still see people constantly talking about it on Twitter, and it still sits as the number one game on ShackNews.com.

    What does this mean; it means that people still want SWTOR to shine, and they want it to shine bright. They want it to be the game it was building up to be, just like the rest of us who put a bit more dedication and time into the game.

    SWTOR right now as it stands is a casual’s game. It is not yet that hardcore MMO.

    And just and FYI for those of you who care to know. If the server merges come and I find a nice happy place in SWTOR, I’m not going to quit out. But I like being social in games, and unfortunately Vulkar HWY just doesn’t have people out there to gank.

    Now to answer your questions Greg.

    1. No TOROcast’s site will stand as its own and continue to do so, until we feel it is getting left behind. The site design we have now is designed for us to be able to build this site into the Twonk Hammer along with one of the other six available but no its not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

    2. JJ was the first one of us to leave SWTOR. His move which was partially intended to give him more time for SWTOR and TOROcast did the opposite. He has a limited time frame on Sunday which I will probably be filling with the other podcasts that I have to produce and hopefully some of the around the house stuff I keep putting off.

    So for now we’re cutting the show back to a bi-weekly show to focus on the other 5 podcasts we’ve got coming to Twonk Hammer.

    By the way things are progressing very well with the new logo, its on its third revision which is good news for everyone.

    That said highfive to all.

    • Correction: KYLE was the first one to leave 😛 And I want to come back if we can find some other time other than Sunday morning to do it. That said, I still want to podcast, want to entertain and looking for ways I can do it.

      I’ve been trying to brain storm some good video ideas for what I want to do. Obviously live streaming fun games is already being done, especially when I can fit in the time (See me and Samm hilariously playing Portal 2). And when Guild Wars 2 comes about, I’m going to be strong in that as well.

  5. I can understand stepping away. I have done the same because I have just gotten tired of playing the game. I want off my server and even though server merges would be nice it won’t help the fact that I want off an RP server and onto a PVP. I could always reroll but the thought of having to go back through all of it just makes me want to play less. Even if they brought transfers out with the next patch (highly doubt it) I refuse to pay for it. Right now I am in a different game and awaiting another if the company that is releasing it can just get me back into my dang account.

    With all that said I am not sure where TOR sits.

  6. My main is a 50 Sith Jugger, I just hit 50 with my Trooper this weekend, and I am now seeing the story of my Agent 24… playing for the story. But only because I am waiting Max Payne 3 to launch (PC version).

    Twonkhammer will deliver a lot of content for gamers, so Samm will be around for good, no problem about steping away from TOROcast for a couple of months.

  7. Oh yeah, I’m not going on anywhere, I just won’t be on TOROcast as often as its recorded. You’ll find me on our yet to be announced General Gaming show and more than likely, the Guild Wars 2 podcast. And possibly the Planet Side 2 podcast as well.

  8. @Samm

    I’ve been listening to torocast since I first got into TOR about 4 months and love your show. You guys are the best, the non-tor related rants always crack me up. Tom’s little spiel about American handegg almost brought me to tears.

    Some of the best parts of your show are the non-tor related material, if I wanted to listen to a serious, down to the point podcast about swtor I’d listen to Darth Hater which I don’t because it’s lame and boring. You’re going to be sorely missed as host on this show, I just hope your replacement is half as witty.

    That being said, I do have one question for you and Tom. Given recent layoffs at Bioware Austin and the slow pace at which new features and content are released, do you think it’s possible that the only reason we have not seen transfers and ranked warzones added yet is because the actual bioware employees that are doing the programming know their going to be laid off and let go once they complete the project?

    Looking forward to your general gaming show. Thanks!

  9. First I need to post: http://espn.go.com/sports/soccer/story/_/id/7990447/us-brazil-player-grades-us-brazil-jeff-carlisle

    Sorry Samm… 4 x 1, I am sad for you guys… 8)
    They will not layoff developers, because SWTOR will be needing A LOT of coding for the next year, so they can put in quality of life features and MMO features. Not to mention new content, from WZ to Pazaak. So no programmers layoffs…


  10. @Sajman – No I don’t think its that at all. The employees who were terminated unless a higher ranked person did not know they were getting termed until it was time for them to go.

    Also, they usually have teams of people working together to fix issues or implement new features to a game.

    And a huge thank you for the kind words you have chosen to give. I really appreciate that. I can assure you I am not in any way leaving podasting. I’m just trying to shift it to a more appropriate full time position.

  11. Just want to tell everyone here that I love you guys and thanking you much for the support. I didn’t “leave” the show by choice and as much as I wanted to tell my job to shove it up their ass for making me work on a day I clearly told them during the interview I needed off, I’m not going to give up this opportunity I have for climbing my career ladder.

    I’m definitely not leaving TORO or Twonk and am trying to come up with something I feel is “good enough” for you guys. I’m pretty hard on myself and my ideas, often thinking they’re too dumb or won’t be great enough for you all. Since I can’t record live with the others, I want to come up with some sort of video content that I can record at night.

    Of course there’s always Jeffrey if the demand is high (and if he has his own specific content, those who dislike him can just skip on it). I’m thinking of pulling out some retro RPGs and do content with him.

    I’d love to hear your guys’ ideas on what you wanna see.

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