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EA Download Reveals Loads of New Content and Features

E3 is upon us and like many of you I did not expect much to hear anything about Star Wars: The Old Republic.  During today’s EA Press conference titled ‘EA Download’ the company we all hate to love showcased what we can look forward to in the coming year.  Surprisingly we were given a nice bit of information regarding SWTOR that may get more than a few people excited.

For starters, coming in July Star Wars: The Old Republic will be free to play up to level 15.  We would assume this would be your standard, purchase and sub once you’ve hit the level 15 cap.  This is great for anyone who has wanted to try out SWTOR but either missed the free weekends or had not wanted to commit to an upfront box fee.  Currently there are very few details on when the official start date is or what prospective players will need to do to take part in the free event.

We’ve also learned to our surprise that BioWare will be increasing the leveling cap for Star Was: The Old Republic coming in the near future.  With the new planet Makeb we can assume questing will be above 50 in that playing area, and with it being only one planet, we can again assume a contested zone.  With the entirely new planet (Makeb) we can expect to see new story lines, new companions, and to all of our surprise a new race the Cathar.

Along with a new planet comes a new war zone titled “Ancient Hypergates”, a new operation “Terror From Beyond”, as well as a new version of nightmare difficulty.  This is no doubt a long list and as of now no release dates were announced, nothing but the classic “soon” that has become all too familiar to us.  However, with all of this new content coming, as well as server transfers and all the features 1.3 has to offer, Bioware looks like it’s heading in the right direction.

Original Article: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20120604

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  1. Does we have to buy that new Planet?
    Like keep on paying subs + US$60?

    Hope not…

  2. I very highly doubt they will make us pay for the new planet, and level cap. It would be suicide to do that IMO. Besides Dungeons and Dragons Online use to consistently roll out new content for free, when it was Pay 2 Play.

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