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Ranked Warzones, Finally!

1.3 is right around the corner, in fact on the PTS as we speak if you didn’t already know, and with it come some big changes to PVP.  Myself, along with i’m sure many of you are PVP’ers and, for the most part, combat in SWTOR is fantastic.  However with Ilum being pulled and restructured and ranked warzones being left out of 1.2, a lot of people were pushed away from the game.  Well, rated warzones are now upon us and while they have many bugs to fix and issues to sort out, 1.3 is going to finally bring what a lot of the PVP community has been waiting for.  Here are a few key points I have pulled out of the patch notes.

  • Players are no longer removed from their current group when they join a Warzone. While a player is in a Warzone, all functions affect the Warzone group. Players that are not in the Warzone will see the original group normally, and when the Warzone is over, players in the Warzone will be able to interact with their original group.

So frustrating having to reform groups after leaving a WZ, very happy to see this being fixed.

  • The “on use” abilities on relics can no longer be used inside Warzones. PvP relics (such as the Recruit, Battlemaster, and War hero relics) now have passive boosts to the same stats that the “on use” ability affected.
  • New relics that offer “on hit” triggered abilities are now available from PvP vendors.
  • Warzone Expertise Adrenals have been renamed to Warzone Adrenals. The item now only provides PvP Damage Reduction and does not boost healing or damage.
  • Adrenals that were craftable by Biochemists before 1.3 can no longer be used in PvP areas. Biochemists can now craft a version of the Warzone Adrenal.
  • The duration of the Warzone Adrenal has been reduced to 15 seconds (down from 25) to match the duration of other Adrenals.
The changes to adrenals is a big one.  When 1.2 was launched the time to kill seemed a lot quicker then before, so extra mitigation to stay up longer for all classes is welcomed.

Pre-Season One Team Ranked Warzones

  • Pre-Season One Team Ranked Warzones are now available! Teams of 8 level 50 players can use the “Queue Team Ranked” button in the Warzone queue window to queue for a Ranked Warzone match.
  • Ranked Warzones reward Ranked Warzone Commendations.
  • Teams receive their Team Rating after participating in 10 Ranked Warzone matches. This rating is adjusted at the end of every Team Ranked Warzone match based on win or loss and the ratings of all other matched players.
  • Leaving a Ranked Warzone before it ends counts as a loss. Declining an invitation once a match is made counts as a loss.
  • Players in the queue for a Ranked Warzone can queue for a normal Warzone at the same time. Entering a normal Warzone does not remove players from the Ranked Warzone queue. If a Ranked Warzone match is found while a player is in a normal Warzone, the match is reserved until the player finishes the normal Warzone, and other players in the reserved match will not be asked to join normal Warzones.

Now, while it’s great to see this included, there is one major flaw I see here.  The fact that there is no mention of cross server queuing makes me feel a bit uneasy.  Now I know that we are expecting some implementation of server transfers around the same time 1.3 goes live, and it was reported a little while back that “mega servers” are on the horizon, I just honestly cannot see this working without the server issues being taken care of FIRST, so let’s hope Bioware can sort this out soon.  Also no mention of any kind of world PVP but hey, we can’t be too greedy, and with Ranked Warzones finally being launched, it will hopefully bring a lot of players back to the game and give us that competitive flavor that we’ve been longing for.

Some other minor changes and fixes are also included.  Patch notes can be found here.


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  1. I find it interesting that they are separating the triggered effect stuff like relics and adrenals… I hope the changes in the game gets PVP going again though. I agree that no cross server on ranked warzones seems kind of off, but i bet they want to give people the chance to “trade athletes” and such… will also add a kind of rivalry that can only happen when your on the same server.

  2. I wish they would implement some kind of deserter debuff to players that leave any WZ.

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