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1.3, Server Transfer Date, and Something Else Important; Oh My!

The big announcements coming in 1.3 would have to be the group finder, ranked warzones, and legacy perks.

Remember back in the day… 3 months ago when it was easy to find a group for those heroic quests and you were able to get into a flashpoint before you were ready to do them on heroic? Whether this was ever the case for you or not, the group finder could make this kind of community possible. They are also sneaking in a new warzone, and not so sneakily throwing in the ability to add augment slots.

One of the great things that should help those who are not so tech savvy is a notification in game that will inform you that your performance can be improved by changing some graphics settings. Along with that there are some performance optimizations for those with low to mid-end graphics cards like myself. They hear us college students who bought our computers on a budget overlooking gaming, or the few of us who have not upgraded since the first KOTOR.

Good news everyone! They have announced that level 50 Story Mode Flashpoints will serve the purpose of gearing you up for Hard Mode Flashpoints. The gear that was being dropped before was not worth the time, and now there is even more incentives to run Hard Modes with the chance that some bosses drop Daily Commendations! Those thirsting for a new way to earn their daily gear without the long and repetitive grind of actual dailies may just have their wish! Several changes have been made to improve the loot of endgame flashpoints. This is all good news for new 50s, and the guilds that would rather not farm more Story Mode Operations to get them caught up to the Hard Mode Operations.

For those of you wondering, they have announced the launch date for character transfers. The magic date is June 12th with 1.3 not too far behind. For people to get the full experience that the group finder has to offer I think this is the right move. Yes, the patch seems like it should come out alongside the transfers, but keep in mind if they have the populations worked out by 1.3 there will be one less thing for everyone to worry about. Most low population PVP goers would like jump on a high population server like The Fat Man. The fact is that it may very well be left off of the destination server list. From what I understand, this server transfer event is going to mirror that of WoW’s free server transfers the only difference being the purpose. The process is going to have selected low population servers that they plan to bleed be the origin servers and the moderate population servers they plan to fill be the destinations. For those with huge guild banks never fear the bank will follow the guild leader. The only downfall is the guild will need to be reformed on the new server. This process overall is going to take a while and will require some patience on our part for this to work.

Now I know I did not cover everything, but I did cover what I felt important. I also tried to avoid the things that have been correctly explained by the podcast prior to the 1.3 PTR patch notes (legacy perks and augment slots being couple of those things). The ranked warzones were covered by Mr. Red here. One thing to keep in mind if you do not happen to read the official patch notes… The patch notes published for the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change.



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  1. “… or the few of us who have not upgraded since the first KOTOR”

    I lol’d.

  2. Sever transfers start tomorrow!

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