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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

So here we are, 4 shows down and growing like a forest fire.  With us launching an entirely new Editorial section to our site I felt it would be a good idea to give a sort of “Mission Statement” looking to the future for us and our community.  So strap in, and enjoy a glimpse of the past, present and future!

The Past

Lets see . . . Where should we start? How about the beginning!  An interesting little story called, how me and Samm actually became friends.  So, I moved 100 miles away from where I grew up in Northeast, PA, to South Central, PA. For the purpose of attending a Visual Arts college to get my Associate Degree in Graphic Design.  Three to four months into my stay, a second wave of students moved into the housing complex I lived in, including a chunk of folks to attend a nearby Technology Institute.  In that wave of move-ins I got myself a new neighbor, Samm.  He was only living there for a few days when we had our first run-in.  I was hanging out sitting on my porch when my new neighbor appeared on his to smoke a cigarette.  Two houses up, a girl and a really hot one at that, appeared and got into her car and drove off.  After we both got done oogling at her Samm peered down at me, we both smiled and laughed and started talking.  The rest is history.

The Present

So now we fast forward to how this insane project actually began.  To this the credit belongs in large part to Samm.  A few months ago, before the official announcement of SWTOR Samm seemed to know it was being announced.  He approached our other gaming community about possibly starting a community website dedicated to the game but it was pretty soundly ignored.  So he just kind of dropped the issue.  On the other side of the coin, I have very often talked with Samm about us starting a podcast but we never really had anything we thought we could seriously be successful in.  Until this game got announced.  It was not too far into this game being announced when I called Samm. We chatted a bit about the idea of this community coming back again.  Through some brainstorming we figured we could use the podcast as a launching post for a community.  Samm began to work on the site/forums, while I began researching everything I could possibly fathom to get as much information as we could.  A few weeks later we launched the site and Show One was in the bag.  From that point the ball we pushed has only gained speed, a lot of speed.  Ewok Jedi everywhere rejoiced.

The Future

Now this section is a tricky one. I feel like BioWare here, I don’t want to go into specifics of what we have planned.  Let me go at it from this angle, assuming our plans continue to have as much momentum as they do right now, you will be seeing a lot more of us.  Here is a hint, it doesn’t all involve SWTOR. In fact a lot of our major plans in the coming months begin to move us away from SWTOR.  Now, don’t take this to mean that TOROcast or the community will disappear, actually it is the complete opposite.  Our auxiliary plans will serve us and you in helping to make TOROcast and this community larger than any of us initially dreamed.  This editorial section is the first step in a marathon of exciting and innovative changes you will be seeing from us down the road.  All of you are fortunate to be here from the beginning and you can not only watch, but help us grow and achieve these outrageous goals we have in mind.  We hope all of you decide to stick it out with us. Although I cannot foresee what will happen with our plans, I can guarantee you it will be the most exciting ride you have ever been on. I know it has been for me and it has only been a month.  Again I would like to personally and sincerely thank all of you for your continued support.  We were just two nerds with a small dream of a community and a podcast. We shattered that dream and so now we really set out bar pretty high.  We would be nowhere without your support and I hope you not only continue to support us, but help us grow.


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