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Episode 153 – Good Run

This week we have a lot to talk about; Game update 1.3, Server Transfers, this weeks Q&A, SWTOR at Comic Con, Tom’s experience with the LFG tool, rewards for the server transfers.

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Hey there friends I am Samm 'Money' Carbo, owner of Twonk Hammer Entertainment, LLC. In March of 2009, along with a dearly missed friend I started a podcast some may know; The TOROcast based on Star Wars: The Old Republic, unfortunately that game was not a fit for me however I did not want to give up podcasting and reviewing games. Thus I started this site, and The Ban Hammer podcast. I am the proud father of currently one, work as a computer tech during the day, and a mail man on Saturday's as you can imagine my life is busy. Follow me on Twitter @SammMoney and of course follow us here @TwonkHammer.


  1. About that “stupid shit” where you’re “being dumped out” of the group finder instance, do you realize why the developers decided to do that? It’s because of 2 main reasons:
    1. After many of the instances, you need to go talk together at the terminal in front the instance entrance to complete the instance final quest AND to get some social points.
    2. If you took the associated daily from the Supplies area console, you then need to go back to that console to get your 4-6 associated planet commendations.
    Sure, I’d love to have the option to teleport back (or not) AFTER I did those 2 things and I wouldn’t be surprised if the developers would add that option eventually because they keep improving that lfg tool. Even right now, I don’t complain much about it because they reduced a lot the loading times for many players with Update 1.3.

  2. I forgot to write this: it’s great to hear you guys again.

  3. Samm you lazy bastard!!!

  4. Hello good people!!!!!1!!1!!!

    I agree that there arent many “cool-funny” things to do at endgame in SWTOR.

    I would love some achiev system, Star Wars mini games (Pazaak and Sabacc playing on Cluster Cassino on Nar Shaddaa and beting credits, Swoop racing), Open World PvP (ILUMMMM), Housing, etc…

    BUT I do not want Faction Rep grind please, BW should add new mechanics and FUN things to do not 10 years old rep grind, I disagree with you on that Samm.

    RWZ are a lot more “serious business” than normal WZ, and they still PRE-SEASON, further down the road they will be cross-server and will have “better rankings”.

    Now if you do not want to read some “in your face”, stop reading it you carebear… xD

    I warned you…

    [Start the bitching]

    About the old Endgame Content talk… its all good and fair to bash SWTOR right now, a lot of people did leave the game, I think thats is bad… right?

    They complained about a lot of things, good…

    >>BUT<>NOTHING<>IF<< we want to play it, we do…
    If we dont… well, the rest of the world could not care less…

    Every game is different and I believe its time we (the MMO community/fans) stop the BS about it.

    [End the bitching]

    PS: Long live Anderson "The Spider" Silva!!! And F* you Chael Sonne… you talk to much bitch!! Just like me!!!


    Keep the show up guys!!!


    • The comment system is bronken Samm!!! Run to the hills!!! /o\

      The 2nd piece:

      “They complained about a lot of things, good…

      >>BUT<>NOTHING<>IF<< we want to play it, we do…
      If we dont… well, the rest of the world could not care less…

      Every game is different and I believe its time we (the MMO community/fans) stop the BS about it.

      [End the bitching]

      PS: Long live Anderson "The Spider" Silva!!! And F* you Chael Sonne… you talk to much bitch!! Just like me!!!


      Keep the show up guys!!!


    • The comment system is bronken Samm!!! Run to the hills!!! /o\

      The 2nd piece: (again)

      “They complained about a lot of things, good…

      BUT I want to see what people will say about WoW/GW2/TSW not having Housing/mini games/rep grind/ 200 Operations and 300 Warzones at endgame… sometimes looks like SWTOR is the only NOT-PERFECT MMO out there… and that is BS.

      How many RAIDs there are on WoW/GW2/TSW/RIFT/(Insert cool/fun/perfect MMO here…) right now?
      Is there a house system on WoW/GW2/TSW/RIFT/(Insert cool/fun/perfect MMO here…)?
      Can I level all the way to 90 with my First Aid profession? Cooking?
      Are those perfect sand box awesome MMOs?

      Can I kill lowbies on GW2?
      If we could not do that in SWTOR that would be the end of the world…

      Oh, but GW2 is a different game, blablabla, etc…

      Iif we did not had Factions on SWTOR that would be ridiculous…
      GW2 does not have it and we talk nothing about it, we complain ZERO about it… you guys get my point?

      Its all the hate and “SWTOR let me down…” crap that we heard about SWTOR for almost 7 months now, but nobody talks NOTHING bad about WoW/GW2/TSW/RIFT…

      Its like SWTOR is crap but every other f*ing MMO out there is perfect… I dont buy it!

      There is no perfect MMO out there and will never be, period.
      SWTOR sucks?

      Good… WoW/GW2/TSW/RIFT sucks as well, plain and simple.

      SWTOR is out there, and soon GW2 will be as well, and Pandarian (or Panda-Pokemon game, whatever)…

      If we want to play it, we do…
      If we dont… well, the rest of the world could not care less…

      Every game is different and I believe its time we (the MMO community/fans) stop the BS about it.

      [End the bitching]”

  5. Samm, I’ve been listening to this show since around last November, and used to enjoy it quite a bit. Lately, not so much. Look, I get that this game hasn’t lived up to whatever game you had in your head back when you started the podcast. I get that you’re bitter over it. I understand. A lot of us share your frustrations.

    Furthermore, I don’t expect the podcast to be all happy-talk. I expect your honest commentary. But I also expect you to be fair. You don’t like this game. In fact, you don’t even play the game, if I’m understanding you correctly. Relentlessly criticizing every attempt the developers make to improve a game you don’t play isn’t constructive. Not for your audience, the developers, and I gotta think it’s not doing you any good either. There is a certain class of troll that hangs around the community for the sole purpose of telling the rest of us just how bad the game is. You see them on the Forums, Facebook, etc. They’re subscribed to these things, read them, and then comment on how much the game sucks and how they unsubscribed back in 1.2. You can tell they’re trolls because _they are still subscribed to the community_. They have nothing constructive to offer. One has to conclude that this expenditure of time and energy is solely to infect others with their anger, drawing them into the same unhappy cycle they are caught up in. A sane person simply walks away when they don’t like something.

    Samm, I’m afraid you’re becoming one of _those_ guys. It’s time to stop.

    Good luck, bro.

    • I dont even think its Samm alone, sure he is not into SWTOR anymore (and a lot of people as we know) but there is something wrong with the SWTOR community from the begining.

      Back in the day people use to say that SWTOR would be WoW in space… and they were ok with it. But after launch they realize that SWTOR wasnt WoW in space. SWTOR does not came out with many features that WoW has (from micro transaction, addons and macros to app for iPhones, whatever 100 RAIDs there are in WoW’s Endgame right now and achievs).

      When people realize that they said: “Oh SWTOR let me down, there are no X, Y and Z features…” of course there are no such features… SWTOR is NOT WoW in space!!!

      SWTOR is a MMO that follows KOTOR is set in a Star Wars universe and is 7 freakin months old. I have listened to ridiculous podcasts like one episode of Torwars where the hosts names Top 5 features they were looking forward in SWTOR and they described WoW (shits like app for cellphone and armory… F*ING SERIOUSLY Mrs Podcaster?)… it goes like WTF?

      I told them: “If you expected WoW in space wash your tears and go back to f*ing WoW.” and they got mad really fast… deal with it. As I said, none is forced to pay BW or even like SWTOR, just dont come up with WoW frustrations on SWTOR.

      Like I said hate on SWTOR is “cool”, is normal since the majority of podcasters/players do that… and all others MMO are perfect…

      … my bloody ass that all others MMOs are ok and just SWTOR sucks… come on.

      It would be easier to come up and say: “Ok, SWTOR is a MMO without WoW features and I am out…” or “I just dont want to play boring MMOs and grind, I prefer (insert whatever games you are enjoying here)…”

      Done. Really simple sh!t.


    • Couple of things I want to touch on

      I recently reupped my sub for another 6 months because I am happy overall with the way development is going.

      However, I am one of those players that are constantly ‘trolling’ the general forums on a daily basis.

      The game clearly needs content at 50 that isn’t the same old, same old. Raids, dungeons, dailies, battlegrounds…….I’ve been doing this stuff for 10 years. A friend once told me when we got into an argument that he would never come down to my level of stupidity because he’d be beaten by experience. Swtor will not beat WoW at being WoW, it’s a hopeless battle.

      Yet all the suggestions I hear are making the game more and more WoW-like as Stronghand eluded to in his post.

      The RPers cry for chat bubbles and chairs to sit in, this just blows me away. Your solution to having nothing to do at 50 is to grab a chair and sit in it. You’re an RPer, you’re suppose to be the imaginative one of our community, sitting in a chair may be the least imaginative activity I can think of.

      Then the hardcores cry for more raids and harder content yet most of these whiners haven’t completed SM EC let alone HM. I see them cry for forced grouping, longer levels, and more difficult quests. Well you can do that now, just take off your gear and put your companion away but they don’t want to hear that. I get called a troll and Bioware’s mod staff issues me my 3rd warning this month for ‘spamming’.

      It just frustrates the heck out of me to see everyone try to turn this game into WoW with lightsabers when the complaint all along is the game is WoW with lightsabers.

      Let’s get some darn originality in the game, Pazaak, Swoop Racing, and functional casinos on Nar Shaddaa would be a good start as opposed to the current content offering which is supposedly another island, more dailies, a higher level cap, another flashpoint, another warzone, another operation and a slight continuation of the story or in the other words, the same old, same old.

      • Exactly Sajman.

        We could sit in chairs, as RPers wants, but sit in chairs and play Sabacc with another 3 players beting credits… Star Wars!!

        We could have achiev system, that would be great… but not like WoW’s achiev system where you get E-Pen and that is it… BW could do some achiev system bound to our Legacy and give us points that we could use to purchase new Legacy Perks!!

        SWTOR does have a great potential and I mean it. Its not BS… that game can blow our minds away, it can be a great Star Wars badass game…

        Space Combat?
        Guild Capital Ships?

        Imagine we flying from Tatooine to Alderan and in the way we found 3 Pub players on the way, engage them in Open SPACE PvP, we start to get our ass kicked and need to fly to our Guild Capital Ship to get reinforcements…

        Imagine an Ops where all the players fight a Battlecruiser Boss… the possibilities are endless!!

        There are so many great things BW could create in the long run, and we have to hear people asking for a F*ing cellphone app!!

        We should put our concepts about a triple A MMO BS aside for a minute and use our imagination to come up with features that would be great to play on a Star Wars universe… imagination is key!

        Just create PvE/PvP/PvWhatever in a Star Wars context!!


  6. Hey Samm I joined New Hope, and we all transferred ofcourse, and we joined up with the guild Perserverance on Prophecy of the Five. They are big into pvp, starting back up into raids. Lots of good folks.

    If you log on look up Tahlis, or Kantis. I’ll try and get an invite if you want. They are a TS3 guild.

    while I don’t have one myself. have to tell you though. Shadows are INSANE tanks, both for pve and especially for PVP. Me however, still in love with Jedi Guardian. Even with our Damage nerf. (Bioware WTF were you thinking, we were already the lowest dps tanks, now we have even less???!!!)

    Thought I’d drop a line.

  7. I don’t even think you guys listen to the podcast, or maybe you do and you just completely ignore what I say unless I am saying something bad.

    First off, Strong, go listen to all our old podcasts, where I did nothing but bitch and moan about WoW.

    Second, Guild Wars 2 doesn’t let you kill lowbies, but it also balances that out by creating WvW PvP by giving you a completely separate area to go and have a blast killing people, from level 1 to 80 entering that zone makes you a level 80. Guild Wars 2 also has housing, achievements, and you can level up from 1 to 80 doing just crafting if you really wanted to. Sorry but the innovative MMO that was supposed to be SWTOR is not, Guild Wars 2 is innovation. And at the same time it could turn out to be a huge let down of crap as well.

    WoW had a lot more little shit to do after you hit cap than SWTOR does. Here’s my gripe with SWTOR, and if anyone has ever actually paid any attention to what I say during the podcast you would pick this up right away. My one and only gripe with SWTOR was that it did not release at current MMO standards, it is taking them entirely too long to get the game up to what the majority of MMO players expect in an MMO now days. It should not be taking this long.

    Third, I go back to my statement of you guys need to pay attention to what the fuck I’m saying.

    SWTOR’s ride from 1 to 50 is awesome, plenty to do and see on the way there, shit even the companions which I thought I was going to hate I enjoy.

    I effing LOVE the idea of them giving you boosts to help you level new chracters whatever way you want. I was on for half an hour yesterday on my level 10 with sprint, and my god it made a world of difference for that little bit of time I was on.

    I think everything they are doing for the players of SWTOR is great, unfortunately, the world works in a different way. You have literally ONE shot to impress the majority of gamers. One and only one. If you succeed you’ve got that person for ever, if you fail, you might as well write that person off, and us MMO players who have been through countless MMO’s know its true.

    Honestly, the “you have no right to complain” statements are getting old, I have more of a right than anyone else to complain that I was let down and am still let down day in and day out by this game. I dedicated three years of my life to this game before it even hit the shelves.

    • “My one and only gripe with SWTOR was that it did not release at current MMO standards.”

      That is the problem Samm, if any of us that dedicated months/years of our life to this game before 13/12/2011 had expectations about SWTOR launching with “current MMO standards features” we were just being silly.

      Bioware never said there would be (by 13/12/2011):

      1- Macros;
      2- Addons;
      3- Robust Achievment System;
      4- LFG;
      5- Ranked Warzones;
      6- Guild leveling system;
      7- Micro transactions;
      8- UI Customization;
      9- Cellphones App;
      10- Server transfers;
      11- Cross server features;

      Hell, even Legacy System did not make it on launch day, for all we know Legacy were a xp bar. We had Open World PvP, that did not went well and now we dont have it anymore.

      We _knew_ what was _not_ coming.

      Call me dumb, but I dont get the popular claim “SWTOR was a let down”. If it was a let down for anyone sorry but it is their (the uninformed consumers) fault. (I still remember the Friday’s update videos… remember the “walls and maps”? good old days… lol)

      Now Bioware will give people who transfer their chars to the specified Destination server 25 BH comms and a pet, and you call that BS “if I cant buy a piece of gear”…


      I understand your friends left the game, but that is a young MMO and we do not need to bash SWTOR for the sake of it.

      Again, IF anyone expect a MMO with “MMO standards” just dont.

      Keep playing WoW or just leave MMO altogether. The only game that has those “MMO standards” is WoW.

      * If you want a fresh MMO with diferent mechanics and not-grind gameplay, go for GW2.
      * If you want a Star Wars MMO, play SWTOR.

  8. Seems they also locked character creation on every origin server today and are planning to merge at the end of the summer. Hurray!

  9. We didn’t expect SWTOR to have all the features of a standard MMO out the door, but we also didn’t expect it to take 8+ months for those standard features to be in the game either.

    I want a Star Wars MMO, plain and simple as that, but I want a Star Wars MMO that is either way off kilter from other MMO’s or has all of the available standard MMO features.

    • Fair enough Samm, SWTOR needs to improve and IMHO its getting better.

      Lets hope Bioware keep listening to the constructive feedback and implement more and more features so everyone gets happy.

      • See and I don’t disagree with that, at all. I think the stuff they are doing with the game is fantastic. I’m just trying to point out, its a little too late. They made the same mistake with SWTOR that Mythic did with WAR. I’m sure sure if any of you played WAR, but the game itself was incredible, the core mechanics were awesome. The problem though, they decided to cut out two of the classes from launch “because they weren’t enjoyable enough” and it took I want to say at least three months for them to come back to the game.

        Right there your lost every player who wanted to play one of those two classes. And those people will never go back. I still remember getting into the WAR beta and how excited I was to be in it.

        It was the same for the SWTOR Beta, or during my time at conventions, I still remember how excited I was to play. I think people will give SWTOR another shot when they launch their first expansion. And I think they’ll do that BECAUSE people wanted to love it so much.

        One its a huge IP – SWTOR is Star Wars. Its the same with Galaxy, you had people who would bitch and moan day in and day out that the combat sucked in Galaxies, they updated the game with the combat patch and Galaxies lost its niche. You don’t hear about people bitching that they got the combat patch, you hear the game was ruined by the combat patch.

        I will also say this, now that Georg Zoeller is gone as well, SWTOR is going to be hurting big time. Georg was a key component to SWTOR for many different reasons. Mainly because of the tools he developed to analyze how players acted and where players went in game.

        I’m not saying that they won’t have the tools available any longer, but that is the tools they already have he’s gone, they won’t get anything new.

    • @SammMoney:”We didn’t expect SWTOR to have all the features of a standard MMO out the door, but we also didn’t expect it to take 8+ months for those standard features to be in the game either.

      I want a Star Wars MMO, plain and simple as that, but I want a Star Wars MMO that is either way off kilter from other MMO’s or has all of the available standard MMO features.”

      If you didn’t expect all of the features, then why are you whining and bitching that they are not there. your above post contradicts everything I hear coming from your mouth…

      About your gripe for end game content. Just a comparison, WoW for the first YEAR has 2 end game raids and 5 TOTAL Dungeons. SWTOR has 15 Flash Points and 3 High end raises that All have at least 2 difficulty settings. Wow Didn’t have difficulty settings till Burning Crusade!!

      Yes it would be nice if they could Put more in, but considering the examples, they are WAY ahead of the others in the Field.

      Also, Guildwars 2, from everything I’ve heard/read has no real innovations beyond the original Guildwars play…

  10. Samm,
    I’m sorry to say, but when you mentioned that this may be your last Torocast, and that others would be taking over, that may be a good thing. You have become a hater. and should not put that hate out in a podcast that in the beginning was presumably meant to bring positive information and ideas. Some of the information you put in the podcast this last time was actually against everything I’ve heard.
    For example:
    1, The server consolidation was a great thing, Everyone I’ve talked to on 3-4 different servers had no issues and had heard of practically no incidents where people “quit the game”because of an issue. The guild you mentioned leaving, was the first I’ve heard of a guild quitting because of the transfer. The servers now have Hundreds of people in fleet (many times it has several instance of fleet running), and out on the planets, there are now numbers that used to reflect how many people were on Fleet during prime time on the old servers. I now have No issues whatsoever of getting groups together for flashpoints and planet quests, even as a DPS. so yes, the consolidation turned some people off, but even though I lost 7 of 8 character names moving, I, and many many others truly love the new server experiance.
    2, yes the game is a grind, ALL MMO’S ARE GRINDS! there is noting that will change that. but your attitude during the podcast was that Bioware promised that it would not be a grind, and in actuality because of story and choices it feels less like a grind than any other MMO I’ve ever played.
    3. Yes there are a lot of things that should be brought into the game, Better LFG that teleports you back to your original starting location, etc. But your comparing this game to games that have been out for years, please remember that the game is a whole 6 months old.
    4, Speeders at level 1. Sorry but your totally wrong, and Tom is right. Speeders at level 1 will make that initial starting world seem so small and insignificant that it will feel meaningless. The worlds in TOR are beautiful and meant to be explored. If it’s your first time through the game and you get a speeder right at level 1, exactly how awe inspiring would it be to be able to speed from one end of the world space to the other in 1-3 minutes. Also, the early speeders are meant as an incentive to get people that want to experience the other stories (i.e., via leveling an alt), a way to bypass the time they spent and make it quicker to get through all of the content now that they have seen a large percentage of the shared content.

    I have always been a fan of Torocast, but as of this last podcast, will only really continue to listen if you either change the attitude, or leave the cast to tom and others who spend more of their time telling us news about whats happening, how things work and other constructive information on the state of SWTOR. And leave the personal “negative” opinions out.

    Bob, aka BlackKnight

      • Thanks, It really hurt me to have to post it, I have been a fan of the cast all the way back to episode 20, and listened to all the earlier in the first week of my discovery of the Podcast. At one point before the original cast all broke up I put in to be a writer, (last summer) but work got in the way of my writing. I hope the PodCast continues, and I hope that Samm finds what he wants in a game, be it SWTOR or some other game.

        Bob, aka BlackKnight

        • TOROcast should be weekly again, Tom and the new guys have got to like the game right? So lets go for weekly guys!


          • TOROcast won’t be going weekly any time soon. Simply because information doesn’t come out quick enough to talk about. We really don’t want to BS through a show because its a slow week.

          • But there are lots of podcasts that are weekly Tom. Torwars, oldrepradio, darthhater, even gamebreaker.tv has a weekly show…


          • We’re not those podcast. We are our own thing. I feel that a show chock block full of information and stuff to talk about is better than having a weekly podcast where we will struggle to find topics.

  11. http://www.oldrepublic.net/490-how-get-black-hole-commendations-gear.html

    That hasn’t been updated for 1.3 with the Daily Black Hole Coms rewards for doing group finder missions (If you do SM Ops, HM FPs, and LI you can get an additional 15 coms/day)

    It also lists the costs for Black Hole items… For reference, the free 25 black hole coms is a pretty nice reward, especially for people who aren’t able (or has a guild who isn’t running) Story Mode (or Hard Mode) Explosive Conflict (Denova), because it gives ALMOST as many coms as a story mode denova clear. (That gives 28 coms)….. It’s a nice reward.

  12. First… Go read this – http://www.torocast.com/2621/twonk-hammer/


    @ BlackKnight – Lets figure some stuff out because your blatantly wrong. Stop reading what you want to read and actually read my posts, the same thing goes for stop hearing only what you want to hear and listen to what I say. I’ve been critical of SWTOR since episode one of TOROcast this is NOTHING NEW.

    Point 1: “we also didn’t expect it to take 8+ months for those standard features to be in the game either.”

    I didn’t expect to see the standard MMO features of the game right out at launch, BUT (this is the important part) I did not expect to not see these features in the game 8 months after the game has launched.

    (breaking it down for you) I did expect to see the features early on, standard MMO out the door features.

    Point 2: I think the server consolidation was a great thing, it was much needed (albeit they should have never had that many servers to begin with), but they attempted to keep to many people happy with opening more and more servers, from an MMO players standpoint this type of thing was good at the time, but in the long run, a terrible decision.

    SO them merging the servers was fantastic, even I was excited for the server transfer, and I don’t play.

    Now, you saying there were no problems and people didn’t quit, sure it wasn’t a massive exodus of people leaving the game, but people had problems, a lot of problems and problems that caused them to quit, I’m sorry you don’t like that statement but it happened, I follow a lot more people who play/ed SWTOR than you do especially from the TOROcast account, I saw them go, I saw the complaints.

    And again, I’ll go back and say of server transfers I’ve seen in the past this was rather smooth.

    Point 3: You are 100% correct that all MMO’s are grinds, and yes BioWare did say that their game would not be a grind, they also said that you wouldn’t have “go out and kill 10 rat quests” but those are definitely in the game as well.

    The problem I have is the entire game is a grind every little thing you do is a grind, and most of the time there is no reward.

    Point 4: Hello and welcome to July 2012, where I don’t give an eff if the game is 1 month old, one day old, or 6 months old. The features missing from this game are now Standard MMO features and should be included in every game.

    Macros can be a touchy subject, because people often compare macros to cheat buttons, but there are a multitude of different ways to do the macro system so that it is not a cheat button, or doesn’t turn your character into a bot. Group finder – Is perfect the way it is, someone pointed something out to me a bit ago and said this… Often you have stuff to turn in with the group, and BioWare wants you to get your social points. So why would it send you back to Ilum if you’re group has something on Belsavis to turn in together.

    People would complain either way, as I can see you are one of the teleport me to where I came from complainers.

    Point 5: Contrary to popular belief, some of us just don’t give a crap about the story SWTOR has created, and want to play an MMO. So whether or not the opening world was insignificant or not really doesn’t matter to me.

    I had a mount at level 1 in Rift and was ecstatic about it, I was able to get from point to point as quickly as I possibly good during that time.

    Now, I made this statement before I had played with Sprint at level 1 – 10. And to me that was awesome. I’ve played the starter planets so many times that I’m sick of them. Give me a mount, god forbid me for saying this, but give me a legacy purchase to have it, I don’t care, I just can’t stand walking everywhere, especially because things can be so far apart. Which I would like to remind everyone was another reason people quite WAR.

    I already know that me leaving TOROcast is a good thing. Its a good thing for me, its a good thing for the show, and its just a weight lifted off my shoulders of not having to read posts like the one you made because I upset you. Lets face it though, I tell you the truth, I tell you what you don’t want to hear, and then you get mad at me to express yourselves, I’m an MMO player I’ve been an mmo player for the last 7 years, and I’ve been in and out of countless trials and tests over and over again. I know what an MMO should and should not have, I know if an MMO will be successful or WoW successful, TOR had that opportunity and it didn’t capitalize, why didn’t it capitalize… BECAUSE it was missing the standard features of a CURRENT MMO.

    Stop comparing it to WoW you say, but that is what everyone does, WoW is the new standard, when WoW launched, Everquest was the standard, WoW launched with the at that time current features and expanded over its time. It created new ideas, stole ideas from other games, it did what it had to do to be on top.

    Obviously it made it there, all of a sudden, new MMO’s were popping copying WoW, copying the new innovations of World of Warcraft. Thus creating the standard. The problem with most other MMO’s where people claimed “OH x-game is just a WoW clone.” Generally those games were missing something of the standard, and that piece they were missing drove the player off.

    Thus these games if successful (I’m talking at least 100,000 players) fell into the Niche MMO category, people played it and enjoyed it for a particular reason. The same reason a lot of the players of SWTOR like yourselves, get behind the game and love it because its Star Wars. SWTOR’s niche is the fact that its IP is Star Wars, and the game has story.

    As for Guild Wars 2, again I say your wrong, its is way different from Guild Wars as it actually feels more like a standard MMO, it actually falls more in the line with the way TSW plays.

    Read this, and then read read this before you post. Don’t take what I’ve written here in the wrong sense.

  13. Great run on the podcast Samm! it was very insightful not only into the game but also exposed TOR for everything it is, good and bad. Love tor a whole lot myself, and it is still the only mmo I will play, but hearing honest to goodness opinions about the game on this podcast is preferred above anyone who would podcast and turn a blind eye to anything that would need improvement in the game. Best wishes to you on your other and new podcasts, and game on! 🙂

    • True, but the question were if the claim “SWTOR let me down” was a SWTOR/BW fault or a community fault since all the features that were not coming at launch were well known.

      It’s like GW2 launch and people complain there are micro-transaction, no mounts and no ganking lowbies of the opposite faction… <– you see, that would be Bullshit.

      And SWTOR needs a lot of features, that is true… Pazaak, Sabacc, Swoop racing, Guild capital ships, Bounty System, Achievs… man, that list goes a long way…


  14. LOL @ SammMoney. You are hilarious.

    You’ve got a TON of hating that you just can’t vent out despite trying on every episode lol.

    AND, no offense my friend, but you have some ego issues you should probably work out.

    That being said, I will give you credit for one thing over all others – in one of the pre-launch episodes, the topic of discussion was if SW:TOR was ready for launch – and you emphatically said it was not.

    I wasn’t sure if I agreed with you then, but I do now. The lack of features has certainly hurt SW:TOR and they have been playing a catch-up game. For many, such as yourself, this is too little too late.

    I personally am fine with the game, and love how it is playing. My guild is growing, we are progressing through content, and I am having a great time. Every patch makes things better for the most part, and the last couple have made things MUCH MUCH better. It will never be perfect, but I am in no rush to have feature A and feature B. In the age of entitlement, I can be pretty patient.

    Best of luck to you.

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