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Looking back at HK-47 and to the future with HK-51

What does the name HK-47 mean to you? It probably means being in the company of a robot that you feel may turn on you at any given time.





HK-47 never turns on you, but being called a meat bag can wear on the most callused person. For those of you that played KOTOR you may actually long for a companion that will kill for you at a whim and label his statements prior to saying them. Well, our hopes have been answered! We may not have a date, but we have an awesome trailer teasing us of the existence of HK-51!

Though HK-51 is not the same droid we all learned to love through KOTOR we can only hope the same wit was in his programming.

“Recitation: Yes, as I said, I am an assassin droid. It is my primary function to burn holes through meatbags that you wish removed from the galaxy… Master. Oh, how I hate that term.” ―HK-47, to Meetra Surik, on his functionality

Sources: http://www.swtor.com/info/news/news-article/20120716


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  1. It’s the same voice actor as HK-47 so the name doesn’t matter 🙂

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